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With the availability of social media sites like Facebook, an individual can opt to be an Internet business owner or marketer with a large gold mine of business opportunities at the doorstep. However, it is imperative to be positioned rightly to capitalize on manipulating Facebook features and applications strategically to benefit any online business venture.

There is a need to engage in the best of online business tools and techniques that would promote the Internet business via Facebook. The constant huge volumes of updates posted on Facebook prove to be lucrative potential business leads for any company in any industry. If a fraction of the millions of Facebook users can be captivated by the web business owner, there is no lack of potential leads to generate higher sales and profits. An online business that makes the best use of Facebook features stand a higher chance of success via the available online dynamic marketing strategies and tools applied successfully to generate unlimited leads and dominate the market for a long time.

It is crucial for the online business owner to understand the concept and structure of Facebook as a social media network that can benefit the business without hard selling. It would not be advisable to pitch the business aggressively on Facebook users without establishing the best of relations beforehand.

Facebook marketing strategies

It is easy to manipulate current Facebook features as part of a cost effective marketing strategy for the business. Establishing a Facebook profile is essential to kick off the social call to millions of potential leads without salivating. A good picture can enhance the value and attractiveness of the Facebook profile to draw more interest for new relations to be established as potential business leads.

It is also important to fill in as much relevant and interesting information in the Facebook profile page regardless of how mundane the information may be. A little creativity can transform the profile page into showcasing an interesting character that is worth discovering through the right words, punch lines and pictures. Listing down as many personal interests allows more potential leads to knock on the doors as these relate easily to the profile character.

All personal websites like Twitter and blogs should be identified to guide interested web visitors to these pages for further connections. Many visitors to a Facebook profile page may be stirred up to click on the attached URLs for a further discovery of potential offerings related to the web business.

Further, proactive actions on Facebook to generate more leads to dominate the market include adding more friends every day, although not a high volume at any one time which may cause Facebook administration to scowl on the activity.

Frequent interaction

More connections can be garnered when a Facebook user practices, frequent interactions with others on Facebook. This can come about through updates, sharing of posts, clicking on ‘Like’ and posting comments on shared posts. Such regular actions establish the Facebook user as a regular, to be accepted as a worthy and trusted community member. Anything posted by that trusted community member would be warmly received. This would be the cue to pre-sell any business, product or service to Facebook users who are already familiar with the accepted member.

It is advisable to be consistent with the social interaction to establish acceptance and build strong relations. Clicking on the ‘Like’ button and commenting on other Facebook users’ postings help to break the ice to establish good relations in cyberspace. Good comments would have a reversal effect to confirm a social relation between the parties before a pre-sell can be called.

A viral effect is always a potential with intelligent comments on Facebook users’ postings as these have their own wide circles of influence to be potential leads for boosting the online business bottom lines. More traffic can be directed to the main business site or webpage that opens doors of business opportunities for the business owner. The web business site must always be updated with the latest interesting postings and videos that would captivate the interest and attention of the visitors leading to sales.

Facebook Photos and Videos

One very powerful and effective attention grabber on Facebook is its photo albums and video generations. Modern consumers love to view other Facebook members’ photo albums and videos with comments and Likes. Hence, the more interesting photos, pictures, videos and other interesting links should be shared to draw more web visitors to discover more that is offered by the Facebook user who may be an online business marketer.

Pictures and videos on Facebook prove to be an excellent promotional tool in a subtle manner on any business event or function with tags and catchy headlines that interest others. Soon, more consumers would request to participate in similar events and functions which transform them to become potential leads for the business. The business is set for growth when more requests are noted for an active participation in the Facebook.

Video marketing enjoyed a rapid growth that benefits businesses that manipulate it stealthily. It is easy to shoot and upload a video on Facebook using simple tools and techniques without incurring high costs or skills. Interesting videos that are shared on Facebook would draw more attention from all quarters in a positive manner that benefits the business development and branding.

Other Facebook features

Facebook has many other interesting features which a web business owner can manipulate to promote its online business venture successfully. This includes Facebook Groups, Event notification, wall posts, Notes and applications.

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