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Searching free premium wordpress theme like this:?

Hi, I need a free premium wordpress theme like this: Http://…
Because of I don't know the style, I can't find any theme.

Posted by Kira
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It's certainly not identical, but I think the cyberchimps free themes might be a close match, at least in regards to their typically grey color schemes and two column structures. Perhaps iFeature? Search Google for cyberchimps and then download the free theme equivalent to their pro theme on

Note that you can filter a search in's theme repository by characteristics such as color scheme and structure. Here's the link for the search:

How to Buy Best Premium WordPress Themes?

Hi, There are many sites for WordPress themes, But before we decide to buy it we need to have genuine review on that so where can we go for best word-press theme review and buy the suitable one ?

Posted by Jimmy
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It can get expensive buying premium themes but one option is to go for a theme framework which will enable you to build and design your own unique themes and do whatever you want with them.

The advantage of this is the extreme flexibility you have in terms of design and features which you simply don't get with a bolt on template, premium or free.

We use Catalyst theme framework for all our WP designs nowadays. Why? Well, the price is unbeatable, you can install on unlimited sites, yours and those of your clients, the support is first class and the platform is easy to use even if you have no CSS or coding knowledge.

Our review of the framework can be found in the link I've posted in the resources box below. Others have mentioned frameworks such as Genesis and Thesis and these are also extremely good but from a user friendliness point of view we think Catalyst is the best out there and this comes from personal experience and usage of all of them.

Long term, using a framework makes far more sense than bolting on a template, giving you far more flexibility and less cost.

Hope this helps and good luck in your search for what you need.

How does website like which provide free premium wordpress themes provide these themes?

I have seen that they provide lots lots and lots of theme for free, how do they get these, and why are they sharing? What is the profit for theme? Can anyone, please answer me, what's the inside business here? And does not this violate the copyright like sharing free songs and stuffs ?

Posted by Umibilicall
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They hack the themes and steal them, basically. Problem with the user using them – is a good majority of hacked themes have malicious code inserted in them. If you find the code it breaks your theme. If you leave the bad code in you get hacked.

You're better off using free themes from or buying your own.

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