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Heavy Drop in Alexa Rank & Google PR Caused by 404 errors?

I am running a website for past 3 years.
At February 2013, my alexa rank was close to 145,000. But all of a sudden my rank dropped to 1,542,204 (May 2013).
My page rank dropped from 3 to 1.

Generally i used to get around 1.5k visits per day, but now it dropped to 700 visitors per day.
I don't know the actual reason behind the rank drop.
I am running a sport site so i update it regularly (at least 2 post per day)
I am using WordPress. All In One SEO Plugin

I have installed a forum section (on feb 2013) using subdomain as
But I have used that for only 15 days and then removed it completely because many people begins to spam the forum section.

Then i got a message from google webmaster tools as,
"" Increase in not found errors"
"Google detected a significant increase in the number of URLs that return a 404 (Page Not Found) error. Investigating these errors and fixing them where appropriate ensures that Google can successfully crawl your site's pages. ""

I think the 404 errors caused by the removal of forum section caused me this problem of alexa and page rank drop.


Posted by vijay
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You know the problem and you know the ans as well.

Collect all your 404 page and block it.

Also include the forum site url in robot.txt file and upload in GWT which will block all the url from indexing. Hence no penalty and recover rankings.

What's a good WordPress plugin?

What's a good WordPress plugin for my website Http:// ?

Any insight? Thanks:-)
20 hours and only one idea…well i fixed that, anything else?

Posted by Roo
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The best way to find a WordPress plugin for your website is to first decide what you want your website to do that it doesn't do already. Once you know what functionality you're looking for, you can easily search the WordPress plugin repository, or a premium plugin marketplace for a suitable plugin. Once you've found plugins that claim to do what you need, make sure they list compatibility with the version of WordPress you're using. You're also more likely to have good confidence in a plugin if it's had a lot of downloads and a high rating, I mean, if a lot of people are using it and most of them like it, that's a good sign!

What are WordPress plugins?

What are these?
Are they easy to install/configure?

Posted by RoyalTea
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WordPress plugins are like 'widgets' that you can add to your self-hosted wordpress blog. They are extremely easy to install and configure, although it depends on how advanced they are.. 99% of them will be really simple.

Almost all the "free" plugins are available directly from the wordpress site at: Http://

There are so many plugins, that it's hard to answer what they 'do' exactly because they can do whatever the 'naked' wordpress install cannot do.. Basically, whatever you want your blog to be able to do – someone has thought of way for it to happen and created a plugin for you to be able to do it.

For example, I have installed plugins that allow me to have adsense automatically throughout my sites, stores, signatures, "recent posts", social bookmarking sites (like post to digg, myspace, facebook, twitter, etc), auction ads from amazon and ebay, hiding affiliate links, etc. You can see the plugins I love most at my blog:

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