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Which is the best image slider plugin for WordPress website?

I need a free Image slider plugin for my WordPress website. Please Suggest some cool image slider plaugins.

Posted by Jagmohan Panigrahi
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If you are looking for a Free WordPress image slider plugin. I recommend vSlider
You can download it from here
Http://” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>Http://…
or from their website here:

It has some pretty cool features :
multiple image sliders and upto 20 slides per slider
Get Images from Post or Page
Load images faster with `Image caching`
Custom slider Width and Height
Give Title and Text to each slide
4 Slide layouts
Auto resize images
Set Image quality
Custom navigation styles
Custom image button styles
`9 Image transition sffects`
Navigation button placement
`Short Code and inbuilt Widget`
Custom border,color and radius

And perhaps the best support you'll get for a free plugin. They have also given inbuilt tutorials in the plugin.

I'm finding a good blog host, Please suggest :)?

I'm finding a new blog host that is userfriendly, has cool and interesting themes or fun widgets.. Please give your suggestions 😀 (other than blogger) Thank ,ou!

Posted by Kimchi
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I like EasyJournal, WordPress, and yup that's pretty much it! Hope you use my reccommended sites 🙂

-Rosetta Marie.

Where do i find cool widgets for my blog?

I am looking for anything that will help increase activity on my blog.

Posted by Carrie S
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It depends on what platform you are running. If it's WordPress go here: Http://

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