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What happened to WordPress mobile?

Until recently whenever I opened a blog from wordpress on my iphone it went to the mobile version. In this version you could individually select each entry rather than scroll through the whole feed.

It seems that now there is no option for that mobile site anymore…anyone else encounter this?

Posted by Bc Fuzz
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I think it depends on the theme the wordpress site is using. There is also some cool plugins around that make the sites mobile friendly.

One example is Http://…

WordPress… Hint, tips, information?

So i got wordpress, and i'm learning would love to know some things.

I know how to post, change theme, change menu names & add links… But thats about it.

Posted by Cinniee Taylor
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You forgot about the plugins.!

Their are tons of cool plugins for WordPress, make sure you take a look into it 🙂


^^ My WordPress Blog 🙂

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