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What are some cool new plugins for wordpress dating sites?

I've just starting building some sites on wordpress and I'm wondering if there are any cool plugins for dating site creation. Is there something which gives me an admin interface on the backend?

Posted by Charles Woods
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You can check out wordpress plugins on

They have a useful support forum there too:


I also found this one which looks free and fairly easy to use:


I hope it is what you need.

Is there any better than wordpress?

I mean a free software that can build website faster with cool built in buttons and etc?

Posted by klayton
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No, wordpress is the best for building a blog or website. It is so simple to use that my blog is getting a ton of traffic because I am using the free plugins.

Circular WordPress Slider Plugin?

I am wanting to add a circular "wheel" where pictures of products are visible on the outside perimeter of the "circle". I would also like each product to be clickable, so that it can take the user to another page with a description OR once clicked the user can download a .pdf

I am battling to find something like this. Can anyone help please?

Posted by melldunnit
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I am sure there are some fee based resources out there for a flash based or jscript type circular slideshow.

If familiar with jquery, you can try this out:

But there is also a free plugin that you can probably make work in the interim although only text based, its still pretty cool and well……free. 🙂 Go to plugins and download WP-cumulus. This creates a circular, interactive tag cloud you can customize to size, color etc. You can see this plugin displayed towards the bottom of my sidebar on any pages (except home): Http://…

Then post all your individual products and tag with one word. They will then appear in your rotatable 3d cloud. Or can do by category etc. Maybe a good interim solution 🙂

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