How to Use WhatsApp as an Emerging Marketing Tool and for Social Media Marketing 

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It is amazing to note the constant emergence of new technology applications in the market that not only benefits ordinary consumers but businesses as well. WhatsApp has been growing popular as an effective message service app under the purview of Facebook. It offers excellent communication services on cell phones which more and more Internet marketers are taking advantage of to reach their targeted business customers.

Interactive Advertising

Although WhatsApp was designed to manipulate online communications and interactions amongst web users, it is quickly manipulated by business enthusiasts in customizing messages for business objectives. This dynamic app is great in advertising for brands to generate optimal returns in the shortest timeframe.

WhatsApp is commonly adopted as a communication tool to send text messages as well as images and videos to any user in the contact list. Innovative business entrepreneurs and marketers are aggressive in delivering their business text messages, videos and images of their brands and products/services to their current customers and potential business leads.

The unique characteristic of WhatsApp is its one-to-one communication feature, although it also provides group communications with an administrator who has the power to add or delete group users. Most business entrepreneurs and marketers use WhatsApp as a dynamic marketing tool by leveraging on its one-to-one communication feature which allows them to establish strong relations with every targeted business audience.

WhatsApp groups are not attractive with group responses that could be annoying to other members of the group and a big group could inconvenience many with unnecessary responses. WhatsApp works best as a one-on-one online marketing tool to make each business prospect or potential lead feel special in a personal address and mail that updates them on the brand and business developments. Trust and confidence in the brand and business is built up over time as marketers work closely with customers and potential leads to understand their marketing preferences and purchasing power utilization.

WhatsApp Group Dynamics

There is a time and place for WhatsApp groups created for the best of mutual communities comprising like-minded consumers that benefit the brand and business. Internet marketers who deploy WhatsApp could initiate and create distinct business audiences to promote their brand or products and services.

Many different groups of customers, potential leads and business prospects could be formed based on geographical location, demographics and consumer interest. Marketers could limit the number of participants in a group for better management and identification of needs for effective marketing. Group promo messages could be sent off on a regular basis to keep targeted niche markets updated and stimulated on the brand and business offers.

WhatsApp is very effective in communicating with circles of influence where a simple word of invitation could be well received on any brand event. This form of online informal invitation is the current market norm which is favored by modern users who are eco-friendly and serious about greening the earth in any way.

Like-minded groups could easily interact with one another in support of the brand and business when relevant and useful brand information is conveyed. It is easier to gather feedback and comments from web consumers in the same groups to understand the market sentiments with a more specific focus group. Improvements to the branding of products and services could be activated immediately with such open and direct feedback from the specific groups.

It is also easy for each group member to forward the same business promo message to their own circles of influence to promote the brand and business. This could also build up the business leads list with potential business prospects convinced by their friends’ recommendation which is the ultimate target of Internet marketers for a strong market presence.

Marketing Tool Dynamics

WhatsApp is heavily maneuvered as a dynamic marketing tool through the display of business products as appealing profile pictures. This is executed through a news alert via a product image uploaded as profile picture with up-to-date product information.

It is also easy for the marketer to place the business website URL at the WhatsApp status to promote the brand and business readily. Interested potential business leads could click on the link and be directed to the web business site for more details on their preferred product or service offered by the company.

However, care must be exercised in sharing a video or an image via WhatsApp as large files could be difficult to download. Longer videos are not favored on a small screen viewing which defeats the advertising or marketing efforts of the brand or company.

Impact on Social Media Marketing

Another dynamic aspect of WhatsApp as a marketing tool today is its impact on social media platforms. WhatsApp could be effective when deployed professionally as an online social advertising tool. Its instant messaging feature makes it powerful for an immediate communication with targeted market audiences in conveying business info.

Aggressive social marketers are continually looking out for dynamic marketing options to capture the attention of business customers and potential leads in growing their business and expanding their brand’s market presence.

Real-time 2-way communication is possible with targeted audiences that would provide constructive feedback for brand and business improvements without incurring extra costs. Future advertising endeavors become more effective in shorter marketing campaign timeframes with better results.

It is easy to engage prospective business audiences via WhatsApp with the constant availability of targeted business groups online much of the business hours. WhatsApp could engage in effective broadcasting, where brand and business information could reach recipients on their mobile phones and devices which are known to be on or near them 24/7.

As business messages could be viewed within minutes, WhatsApp marketing proves to be extremely effective in promoting the brand or business, especially with new products or services and special offers which could be gone within minutes. WhatsApp marketing promotions tend to activate such effects where consumers are triggered into action upon receiving the WhatsApp news alert immediately.

Hence, WhatsApp is very instrumental in boosting customer engagement as well as captivating their attention with the right business news conveyed.

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