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I need to find a WordPress Event Signup Plugin…?

I have a client with a WordPress based site. They are a Youth Sports organization. They would like to add the ability to have parents sign up to work Concession Stands during the game days. They need to be able to create an event that has multiple time slots.

Ie, on Saturday January 14th 2014, They might need people to sign up for concessions between the hours of 12:00pm -8:00pm. Broken into 2 hour blocks. So the time periods would be

each time slot allowing 2 people to sign up.

Ideally, they would then like to be able to print out a single 'roster' on the day of the event that lists everyone that signed up, and for which times.

Thanks in advance!!

Posted by justin
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Hi Justin,

There is a WordPress plugin called "Events Manager." It is free and the feedback is pretty awesome. Here is the link => Http://…

How do I add keywords into my wordpress site?

I'm using wordpress for my website and I'm trying to add keywords for SEO. Is there a main place that will add keywords to the entire site? I'm only using the online wordpress back end to make edits.

Posted by Jason
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The easiest way is to install one of the popular SEO plugins. The 2 most popular plugins are:

WordPress SEO by Yoast

All in One SEO Pack

Both allow you to easily add keywords. (although Yoast's keyword option is turned off by default as he doesn't believe in using keywords in meta tags)

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