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How to prevent spam comments on WordPress?

Is there a plugin or something that I can use to block spam comments? I'm drowning in them. Thanks!

Posted by Katie
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Besides Akismet, you can use another plugin that blocks automated spam.
I like Anti-spam because its simple (it has no settings) yet very effective.

You may also want to install a security plugin, just in case/

WordPress plugins etc for fresh install?

Just installed 3.0.1 but before I start adding content, categories etc I was wondering what plugins are recommended as no-brainers to have installed on it?

Posted by comicalturnips
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It really depends on what you want to do with it.

I use (gasp!) 25 plugins. The ones I'd miss most might be:

Akismet (spam blocker – requires API key)

WordPress Database Backup (just like it sounds)

WP Super Cache (takes a load off your server)

What is the best free anti-spam plugin for WordPress?

What is the deference between the free Plugins and the ones that cost money?

Posted by Aaron
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Akismet is one of the advanced anti spam plugins for WordPress. I’ve seen this plugin on many blogs. However, it is not free for blogs that are making money. Here i Suggest are some anti spam plugins for WordPress that are completely free, and are good alternatives to Akismet. These WordPress anti spam plugins to help you run a more users friendly.


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