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How do I add code to a CSS/HTML template to use in WordPress?

Need instructions on how to add CMS code to a straight CSS/HTML template to make a CMS using WordPress.

Posted by NetActive
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User:Lastnode/Wordpress CMS: Http://codex.wordpress.org/User:Lastnode…

13 plugins that will make WordPress into a CMS: Http://wordpressgarage.com/wordpress-as-…

ADDING CMS to existing template : Http://wordpress.org/support/topic/31525…

101 Techniques for a Powerful CMS using WordPress: Http://www.noupe.com/wordpress/powerful-…


Can I have plug-in in my blog WordPress ?

I have one WordPress blog which I opened for free . I have everything except plugins,
is this something wrong with my blog or do I have to buy something??

Posted by
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Hi Mustafo,

It sounds like you have a free blog from WordPress.com

Unfortunately, WordPress.com does not allow plugins on their sites.

The only way to use plugins is to have your own self hosted website running the WordPress software from WordPress.org.

It isn't free, but the cost is minimal.

If you can afford around $8/year for the domain registration and around $10 or less a month for web hosting, then this is your best option.

WordPress help (Gallery plugin)!?

My friend has been creating my photography website for me since September and I really want it done now.
The last part that needs fixing is to be able to upload images into galleries in the hosting and then put into the wordpress page to show on the website.

It was working before she redesigned the layout. Now, it no longer works.

We are using awsompixgallery

Does anyone have another gallery plugin that they would recommend and could you explain how to do it? Like upload it into the hosting and connect it with the WP page?

I know nothing about this stuff (hence why she's doing it) but I really need it done and she can't get to it for another few days.


Posted by antram444
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10 best WordPress Gallery Plugins: Http://www.blogohblog.com/wordpress-gall…
15+ Free WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins: Http://www.dzinepress.com/2009/05/15-fre…
RoboGallery – WordPress plugin for creating photo galleries (free): Http://www.robogalleryplugin.com/

I would try reinstalling the Plugin you have before changing. You may have to re-upload your images again, but at least it may work again and you'll be using something you are familiar with.


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Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins of 2014

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