10 Great Affiliate Networks to Use in 2015

10 Great Affiliate Networks to Use in 2015

10 Great Affiliate Networks to Use in 2015Choosing affiliate networks could be a challenge to new and aspiring affiliate marketers who are unsure of what affiliate marketing is all about. These potential affiliate marketers may have heard of affiliate programs and the potential money generation opportunity affiliate marketing offers but do not have any sound knowledge or skills in setting up the business successfully.

One of the key elements to a successful career in affiliate marketing is to join an affiliate network. However, the market offers a plethora of affiliate networks from small to big, fly-by-nights to established and reliable. A trustworthy affiliate network could provide great support towards the success of the business for any aspiring entrepreneur in this business venture.

Top 10 Affiliate Networks

Good research should be executed by any interested affiliate marketer on affiliate marketing and its wide range of programs which serve as potential business opportunities for drawing extra income. Handsome earnings could be generated with lucrative residual income to be generated through hard work and smart marketing strategies.

An aspiring affiliate marketer needs to understand the role of an affiliate network and their preferred choices from the current market. A new marketer may join just one good affiliate network to get a good feel of the business ropes before venturing into multiple participation with various affiliate networks to earn big bucks. This could be the goal of ambitious marketers who exhibit their marketing potentials and business acumen to succeed at affiliate marketing in a shorter period of time.

High returns could be generated through multiple affiliate networks if the affiliate marketer is dynamic and capable of managing all programs professionally. Different affiliate networks offer different marketing programs on different terms and conditions with different ranges of products and services which an affiliate marketer could choose to promote.
2015 holds great potentials for aspiring affiliate marketers to consider some of the best affiliate networks in the market which have been well established to kick start a successful affiliate marketing career.

1) ClickBank.com

ClickBank is a well established affiliate network in the market with a high popularity amongst affiliate marketers. It is well liked by raw and experienced affiliate marketers to move their online business venture smoothly with a long list of hot products and services to bring in the big bucks.

Membership at ClickBank is easy without incurring a huge capital. It offers a stable management structure that is transparent and fair to attract many affiliate marketers.

2) Plimus.com

Plimus offers a very conducive platform for its affiliate marketers to venture deep into affiliate marketing. This affiliate portal is also very open to encourage new members into its fold with an easy membership scheme and simple account setup. There is a wide array of offers to attract all types of affiliate marketers with a strong support from live and experienced account manager to assist new affiliate marketers in using the portal.

No coercion is exercised in making purchases or meeting sales targets while relevant marketing tools and helps are made available to the marketers.

3) Markethealth.com

Markethealth offers a strong and supportive affiliate marketing platform to those who are inclined towards physical health products. This affiliate marketing portal offers a wide array of wellbeing niches that brings on secured and attractive payouts for those who are successful in their online marketing career.

Affiliate marketers with Markethealth enjoy high payouts on single items promoted that encourages high income generation. Payment from this portal is fast and secure through PayPal to draw in affiliate marketers.

4) Linkshare.com

This affiliate network offers quick membership acceptance to help get any aspiring affiliate marketer going with such online marketing program. This network management uses effective tracking measures to take note on conversions and hops. Lower commission rates are offered with merchants paying for the services rendered.

Payouts may be slower than the other networks, but this affiliate network attracts many top level companies as affiliate merchants. Hence, marketers could tap on the strong merchant reputation to sell their wares for higher earnings.

Useful marketing tutorials are made available to its member affiliates to improve their marketing and income generation. The management also provides a friendly development team to assist marketers with marketing issues.

5) As Seen on PC

This affiliate network portal requires marketer members to have a website. Its wide range of physical products and services are attractive with its fair commission rates. Promotional products and services could be up-sold easily via a newsletter sequence.

6) Commission Junction

Commission Junction offers varied products and merchants depending on the season. Veteran affiliate marketers enjoy the large variety of products offered by this platform to pick the cream products for high profits and commission.
This network would require some enhancements to be more user friendly as its old navigation structure is difficult to maneuver.

7) Share a Sale

This smaller affiliate network is fast gaining popularity with its attractive commission and simple membership requirements. However, a small investment is required to get started with Share-a-Sale.

It provides an excellent tracking process with a stringent monitoring of potential inconspicuous rebilling submissions or any unethical practices to protect its marketers and system.

8) Never Blue Ads

Never Blue Ads affiliate network is more selective in accepting members as its marketers with a preference for experienced affiliate marketers who are focused on building their Internet marketing business further.
Members need to have a ClickBank account before coming into Never Blue Ads for a quicker acceptance to venture into its offers.

9) Azoogle

High level affiliate marketers are preferred by Azoogle which provides experienced and friendly managers in servicing marketers. Azoogle is professional with its affiliates, customers and vendors to keep every party happy and satisfied all the time. Fun programs are offered to create a greater interest in its affiliate offerings with creative contests to enjoy extra earnings.

10) Affiliate.com

Skilled affiliate marketers are expected to join Affiliate which attracts many experienced marketers from other networks. It offers more CPA options that would generate handsome earnings if executed successfully.
High standards instilled come with strong support to help affiliated members succeed in this online business venture with great rewards for those satisfying the network’s performance criteria. Applicants are vetted strictly with a personal notification if successful.

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