2020 Six Tips For Your Emails

Now there isn’t much better business in the world than shooting off an email and making hundreds or even thousands or tens of thousands of dollars over the next couple of days. Well, that is what’s possible when you learn how to leverage email marketing in your affiliate marketing business,hey it’s suzanne from suzanneperkinsm.com, and i’m going to walk you through how to start using email to make sales and, if you’re open to a new affiliate Marketing program, you definitely want to click the link at the top of the description to learn about my number. One recommended affiliate marketing program that actually does the job of selling for you, and so it’s a great option for beginner affiliate marketers. So we have to start with the principles before we get to the how to’s or you’re definitely going to flop. You need to understand that if you constantly email your list, nothing but offers they will quickly stop opening your emails. You should leverage emails to build up. Your know, like and trust factor with your list, use it to serve them and to give them good content over and over and over again, when you continually do that, they will continue to open your emails and will be much more open to making a purchase. When you actually put an offer in front of them also it’s the same with most things in life. You have to practice to get good, so you’re going to have to practice to get good at writing. Offer letters or offer emails so feel free to do some dry runs before you actually send it out to your list and understand that you will get better and better the more you do this also one of the most valuable skills that you can have in your Business is copywriting, it will definitely come into play here and virtually comes to play in almost every aspect of your business. So if you get the opportunity go through some copywriting training, it’s worth every penny. Now, here’s a couple of different ways that you can make sales from your email list. There is kind of a soft offer and a more harder straightforward offer. A soft offer would be inviting people to a webinar or a challenge with some great information and value that ends with an offer, because the offer itself isn’t made directly in the email. You can do this more frequently without burning out your list, but a powerful tool for closing sales is a straightforward offer email. Now there are six main components to an offer: email and if you’ve ever sat through an infomercial or a good webinar. This may sound very familiar. It works. You can play a bit with the order of how you do things, but these six things definitely need to be included in your offer. Email. The first piece is testimonials or stories that provide social proof. You want people to understand that what you are about to offer could be something that could truly help them like sally lost 10 pounds in her first five days and have been stuck at her current weight, no matter what she did for years, joe started. Seeing changes almost immediately and now on week, two his wife mentioned he was losing his dad bod. After just four weeks, sarah lost all of her pregnancy weight that she had been carrying around for five months now. The second piece is telling them what they will get. This is the core offer the makeup of the fitness program, the modules of the training course the features of the software whatever it is. The third piece is bonuses bonuses that either come from you or the creator or the company of the product. Don’T just think that, because you are an affiliate, that you can’t create your own bonuses, that could be a 15-minute consultation with you or some done-for-you template that you created and that they can download into the software. And the fourth piece is a specific date and time for the end of the offer for the end of the bonuses putting a time limit on all of it. Now because of my schedule, i can only offer these bonuses until 11 pm eastern on friday night. The fifth piece is a specific quantity limit for the bonuses, so there are only so many people who can benefit from the bonuses. So if you offer something that took maybe one-on-one time, then the simple way to do this is something like now, i’m only one person, so in all honesty, i can only work with so many people, so only the first 25 people that make their purchase are going To get access to these bonuses, or maybe you offer a training or a live webinar or a coaching session for a group setting, and you only have so many spots available within your webinar provider. You can use that and finally number six, the price, but not just the price. You should first tell them the value of what they’re going to get the full non-sales price, the actual value of the main offer, plus the value of all the bonuses. What that would cost also, then, and only then after you’ve, shown the value, the actual price you tell them what they will pay today. If they make that purchase these six things sound pretty basic and they are but the more you study, the better you will get so. Yes, it’s okay to sit down and watch an infomercial or attend a sales, webinar watch and learn how people are framing and making their offers now, especially if you are brand new to all of this, i highly recommend that you click the link at the top of The description because you are definitely going to want to check out my number one recommended affiliate program because they actually provide a really good done for you, email series you can just plug and go just get people to their series and they take it from there. So yes, in the end, you should still build the skill, but you can still be making sales in the meantime, while you’re working on building that skill set. Please know that i’m in your corner and i’m on your side and i’m here to help you start and grow an online business where you can create that time. Freedom and financial freedom that you and your family deserve. If you’re brand new to my channel, make sure that you subscribe turn on notifications so that i can help you do just that and say hi in the comments, so that i can welcome you to the community. I would welcome any helpful, hints or videos that you would like to see in the future again. This is suzanne from suzanneperkinzim.com be sure to watch that next, video, as it has some great information to further assist you as always be a superstar, and i will see you soon. You


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