3 Simple Steps to Help You Break Your Bad Habits

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MarkumHi everyone today’s video is made Possible by Blinkist Get your free 7-day premium trial at Blinkist.com/psych2go Watch the video to the end for books that we recommend Bad habits always die-hard You’re watching this video because you think we have some shortcuts Well, we don’t want to get your hopes up instead we’re here to offer our support, and some helpful tips here are 5 ways to stop reinforcing bad habits and make good ones instead 1. identity what triggers them psychologists Robert Tidy says that when you can identify your triggers then you can push back whether it means cutting down on junk food or starting you homework earlier There are ways to make you spot what makes you jump back into the dreaded rabbit hole Having chips and ice cream in your pantry and fridge can make it tempting to resort back to your old ways instead, we recommend getting rid of them and replacing them with healthier snacks.

If playing video games or browsing the internet makes you start your homework late we recommend putting your games away and temporarily deactivating your social media pages that way there are fewer distractions to work with 2. Accept that there are obstacles ahead It’s not going to be rainbows and butterflies That’s for sure.

A professor of psychology at the University of Texas, States that people don’t take the obstacles they are going to face seriously enough when they set up to change behaviors. This makes it very easy to become discouraged along the way. To avoid being disillusioned Markum recommends thinking of all the things that could go wrong and preparing ways to overcome them Always have a plan B. Set realistic goals, and accept that failure is part of the process 3. create a rewards system who said ending bad habits had to be all work?

since you’re working hard you might as well play hard too. Every time you pull back from your bad habits reward yourself.

Whether this means going to the spa, or baking cookies after a long week of eating healthy. give yourself a well-earned break. On the flip side, however, If you cave in to your bad habits it’s important to set some rules to help you get back in line.

Punishment doesn’t have to be brutal of course. But if you catch yourself giving into that bag of chips only on day two, drop and give yourself 20 Feel free to brainstorm your system with A friend or family member, and make things more fun! This will also.

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