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Blogs are known to be dynamic marketing strategies to attract the right crowd to the brand or business. Hence, it is not surprising that more and more marketers are turning to blogging in an attempt to draw more support from identified niche markets.

However, blogging is only effective if the contents are well written and focused on targeted audiences for the desired high conversions to customers. Hence, marketer bloggers should consider 4 essential aspects of blogging to secure a higher conversion rate from blog posts.

1 ? Establish a Strong and Personal Connectivity

Every marketing activity has a specific objective to avoid wastage of time, effort and cost. Blogging is deployed similarly by marketers who want not only to draw in targeted audiences to their business, but to establish a strong and personal relationship with these. Such marketers are wise and aware of the rising competition in the market that easily lures their customers away; no matter how loyal some customers may be. Consumers tend to be attracted to the more innovative and relevant offers in town which are more beneficial.

It is important to establish a strong connectivity with all business potential leads and customers who would be familiar with the brand name and business to exude trust and confidence with repeated purchases. It is because of the established relationship between the customers and the company that customers feel safe to make their purchases from the company and not others with competitive pricing and offers.

The ‘like’ and trust factors are crucial to the success of the business with a strong connectivity that is personal between the marketer and the customer. Marketer bloggers win over potential leads and customers by being personal in their blogs with real-life stories that could have been challenges overcome through determination and grit.

Such blogs expose the marketers to their intended audiences who appreciate the openness of the marketers with a clear identification of their personality. The sharing of personal success or failure experiences help readers relate and empathize with marketers to establish the connection.

2 ? Unveil Unique Viewpoints

Marketer bloggers must not be afraid to share their unique inspirations and solutions in case they are deemed vulnerable. Most consumers love to see the ‘weak’ side of a personality that they are to connect with so that they would be able to relate to a genuine individual and not a sales person with constant sales targets in mind.

Some unique viewpoints are interesting to many consumers who share the same; they connect immediately with marketers who are bold to share unconventional viewpoints without fear or favor. A unique perspective on a particular topic or area reveals the unique personality of the marketer who is deemed the expert in that area or industry.

When marketers keep steady on the same marketing path and approach, they would most likely be held in high esteem by consumers in the market before they are noted as industry experts by relevant authorities. Soon many more individuals would exhibit the same thoughts and inspirations, but the first one would claim the title or recognition of ‘industry expert’ to draw more potential leads and customers.

The unique point of views presented by the marketer makes selling or promoting the products and services easier as more business opportunities sprout and doors are open to know more about the benefits these views offer.

3 ? Exhibit Passion and Expertise

Business owners who are passionate about their business brand and products or services must showcase it as much as possible to woo potential business leads and customers. Business entrepreneurs usually make the best marketers or bloggers who should convey the best of their business through the myriad of marketing strategies and opportunities available in the market.

A deep passion for the business and brand motivates the entrepreneur to share with others in the market the vast knowledge about the business and brand that could benefit consumers. It is important to showcase specific fields of expertise that confirm the marketer’s passion about the subject matter.

Such passion and subject expertise must be rightly conveyed in proper marketing forms that would convince targeted consumers about benefiting from the brand or products recommended. It must be conveyed that marketers have the solution to solve consumers’ problems with proven track records before a total buy-in is possible.

4 ? Convincing with Proven Formula

Well written blog posts are very instrumental in convincing targeted niche markets about a particular business brand or product and service. Effective blog posts must be rightly focused on assisting the readers to achieve their goals or reach their destination without potential misconceptions that might hinder their successful completion. Consumers are constantly on the web with limiting beliefs that prevent a breakthrough for them until the right blog points them to the right path. Good blog have that power.

Once consumers are ‘enlightened’ by the blog of their difficult situation which could be resolved with the recommended solution, they are likely to open up to the plausible solutions especially if proven cases are made available to them. Many consumers are unable to get out of the trap they have fallen into unless the right information is conveyed to them.

Marketers would need to lead consumers into a realization of their dire situation which they should and could get out of through proven solutions. There may be a need for several blogs to convince potential leads fully; these follow-up posts are success stories of consumers in similar situations which they exercised trust in the formula.

With blogs that are aptly focused, marketers could be shattering myths which have bound consumers for a long time. A twisted mindset with wrong concepts and perceptions could have prevented the consumers from getting what they desired.


A blog is a very powerful marketing tool which business entrepreneurs or marketers should engage in if they really have a passion for the business brand and offerings. A well written blog expresses the marketer’s passion and expertise in a particular area to convince potential business leads on the available solutions.

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