6 Essential SEO Strategies to Incorporate in 2016 

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With 2016, businesses are flustered to discover the latest essential search engine optimization techniques to be incorporated into their new year’s marketing strategies. SEO is viewed as a critical marketing component to all businesses that strive to stay relevant in the competitive market today.

Search engines are upgrading their search algorithms to look for updated SEO techniques on websites and blogs that would add value to web consumers and their brands. New or veteran Internet business entrepreneurs and marketers need to refine their SEO manipulation skills as quickly as possible to stay ahead of the competition with the New Year.

However, certain SEO strategies are considered essential for Internet business entrepreneurs and marketers to engage in for the desired market and business results. A dynamic web business site is crucial to draw more web traffic, especially if high quality relevant content is available. This would optimize search engine rankings easily for more returns.

Business entrepreneurs and marketers could adopt the following 6 essential SEO strategies into their new year marketing campaigns for higher returns.

1) Engage the Expert

Every successful website requires an expert in its design, development, implementation and maintenance to be truly effective and dynamic to be productive. The expert must be well versed with all aspects of the website including marketing and advertising aspects in which the website is obligated to perform satisfactorily for generating preferred results.

Hence, the website expert must handle not only the administrative aspects of the website from its design to setup and operation, but its productivity and performance as per its function. The expert is intertwined with the website to influence relevant parties to be connected to the website willingly and frequently.

It is crucial to have the expert recommending the right types of contents to be shared or published as well as catch the attention of search engines for a high SERP listing. When more traffic is attracted to the website, its popularity in the market would grow with more potential sales and higher profits.

Only a subject-matter expert is capable of incorporating the best website designs, SEO features and marketing strategies to make the website attractive to targeted niche markets that would boost branding and business operations.

2) Deploy Content-based Marketing

Good content would work favorably in attracting more web traffic, which looks set as one of the essential SEO strategies that businesses must adopt and continue in 2016. The focus would still be on dynamic keywords or key phrases to ensure fast and successful searches besides attracting search engines to rank the webpage higher.

This type of marketing is known as content-based marketing where the title or content includes the dynamic keywords or key phrases which allow better searches by web consumers. Blogs, research reports, videos and webinars must include relevant, useful information that encourages more traffic. Good content pieces ensure strong links on the Internet to drive the desired traffic. New and fresh content needs to be generated regularly to targeted niche audiences that are supportive of the brand and business for more sales through a higher sales conversion rate.
Regular high quality content posting gives web audiences a better impression of the brand and site that is active and proactive.

3) Incorporate Powerful, Useful Backlinks

Reciprocal links or backlinks are extremely important marketing tools which marketers and webmasters must indulge in for the year 2016 as these are essential components to generate more traffic to the website.

These important links must be updated constantly to ensure that interested web consumers or targeted niche audiences would be directed to the right webpage for the business’s greatest ROI. A well designed squeeze page or landing page should be the final destination of backlinks to boost the business outcome.

Backlinks are extremely useful to lure more web traffic to the preferred webpage that would boost business if the marketer or the business entrepreneur knows how to leverage on it through other tools. Hence, Internet business entrepreneurs and marketers could post quality, useful contents in reputed online directories with huge subscriber volumes or conduct webinars, forums or industry reviews. Many such SEO services could be manipulated to boost the use of backlinks to link the web business site with other reputable web sites to leverage on their market visibility and niche markets.

4) Mobile Friendly Websites

With mobile technology, making a strong presence in the market, it is imperative for the website to be mobile friendly or compatible. Hence, a mobile version website is to be designed or upgraded from the previous structure to cater to the growing number of web consumers who are now active mobile users or owners.

Google also upgraded its search algorithm in 2015 with a major update to accommodate mobile technology. Its ‘Mobilegeddon’ approach gives lower emphasis on sites that are not mobile friendly which accounts for lower rankings in its mobile indexing exercise.
Hence, smart businesses in 2016 should engage in responsive design, a mobile sub-domain or dynamic serving for a mobile version website that would be favored by Google.

5) Deploy HTTPS for Higher Security

It is important to ensure a higher level of security for the website to be visited by one and all to enjoy a pleasant online search experience. A secured website is augured by search engines and web users as identified by Google’s proactive push for HTTPS website URLs with higher rankings accorded for secure sites.

2016 is the time where website security must be stepped up to be more SEO focused for greater business outcomes.

6) Incorporate schema.org Markup

A Schema.org markup is a very favorable code which a website could display to inform Google and others of various pieces of important information on the website regarding the brand, company and business.

The markup also permits Google in locating the business reviews, videos and company profile for better searches and web page rankings. These are essential SEO strategies to improve online marketing endeavors which marketers and business owners should deploy actively in 2016 to stay relevant in the market.

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