Affiliate Marketing – 3 Ways Affiliate Can Use Facebook to Earn More Commissions

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Affiliate marketing is a booming business today with the myriad of marketing tools and solutions available to marketers. However, social media networks form the most popular marketing option today with all kinds of businesses.

This is due to the increasing number of users on social media. Facebook alone boasts of millions of members with hundreds of thousands plying its platform every day. YouTube and Twitter connect thousands of users every day as more consumers spend more time on these social media platforms sharing videos and tweeting.

The affiliate marketer is able to ride on Facebook’s popularity in earning big bucks using three simple marketing approaches. It is up to the affiliate the extent of their marketing action plan to be implemented that would generate the desired results.

1) Establishing Strong Connectivity

Facebook is powerful as a popular social network to connect consumers from all walks of life across the globe in a matter of seconds to share inspirational and motivational insights and information. Today, Facebook is now actively engaged by aggressive and desperate businesses that want more organic traffic to boost sales and market visibility in the midst of intense competition.

This strong and popular social media networking site is capable of pushing through good connectivity with identified niche markets for the business when the proper set ups and structures are put in place. It is easy to search for targeted potential leads by name, background, interests, profession and demographics. This would help affiliate marketers concentrate their marketing efforts on relevant leads that would boost their business image and bottom line without wasting precious resources and time to achieve the desired business goals and objectives.

Facebook offers easy yet dynamic features to connect with any member, fan or follower depending on the affiliate marketer’s business goals and preferences. Innovative marketers would make time to engage with every business potential lead in establishing a strong relationship that would compel these followers to exercise their purchasing power on the business offerings. Then the affiliate would enjoy reaping lucrative incomes from agreed commissions and bonuses paid out by affiliate networks.

2) Take Initiative to Engage in Online Forums

A successful affiliate marketer must take the initiative to engage in online forums that could form the best marketing platform for promoting their business brand and offerings. The affiliate must make time and put in an effort to start new groups on varied and interesting topics that could be related or not related to the business or products on promotion.

As the affiliate marketer engages in Facebook to seek out potential leads to boost their business awareness in the market, consumers may join them as fans and followers. When these groups grow to be quite large through personal engagements, it is necessary to generate online discussion groups or forums to interact with the fans and followers diligently and regularly so that better updates could be garnered concerning the current market flow. New trends emerging in the market could be identified easily through online forums which offer great feedback to the affiliate for improving the business website and marketing strategies.

When the affiliate initiates interesting and new forum topics on the web through Facebook, millions would be able to view the dynamism of the marketer with a curiosity stirred that might compel them to visit the web business site or personal profile page to get to know the marketer. Hence, organic traffic could be easily generated with a simple initiative on Facebook using the available features offered by this dynamic social media site. This would lead to a higher click-through rate with higher sales conversions that would earn the affiliate more commissions for the selected affiliated products and services.

3) Generate Regular Enticing Updates

Fan pages on Facebook are powerful in drawing more fans and followers to become customers for the affiliate business. These pages are huge marketing components amongst affiliate marketers using Facebook today as they offer the right opportunity to execute specific promotions on affiliate products to generate the desired sales for the desired commission.

It is important for affiliate marketers to stay focused on their preferred and selected areas of affiliate marketing to generate a consistent image to their target audiences. This would mean a regular updating of affiliate information that would help fans and followers understand and support the affiliate business venture more clearly with a better commitment. When interesting affiliate product information is shared regularly with fans and followers, the affiliate marketer has the opportunity to engage with these potential leads for the business. Fans and followers who receive these affiliate updates regularly would be able to remember the business brand more easily with a stronger inclination towards the products when purchases are needed.

Affiliate marketers can make use of Facebook notes which are very popular with bloggers to write their own notes on almost anything or topic. Facebook notes do not discriminate against business notes which could comprise business news, product updates and special promotions which could benefit interested customers. A new note via Facebook notes would have every fan and follower on the friend list gets updated immediately.

Facebook notes offer tagging options with every note generated to notify friends of those tagged in the note. This would reach out to more consumers who could be potential leads for the business to grow its customer list. The more customers an affiliate business has, the higher the sales conversions for the affiliate to generate more commissions into the earnings.


Simple ways are available to every affiliate marketer who is willing to manipulate the best of Facebook features to earn more commissions. Facebook offers easy features that could be manipulated as powerful marketing tools and solutions to improve organic traffic and increasing click-through rates when these online communication components are applied skillfully as cost effective marketing tools.

However, the affiliate marketer needs to know about Facebook and marketing to combine the best of both worlds for a greater synergy. Social media networking sites like Facebook could be engaged to funnel traffic to the affiliate website for higher sales and commissions.

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