Attention YouTube: The Clock is ticking!

Attention YouTube, we are here! Youtuber is a dream job for many young people changed only 2 years ago YouTube the dream job in a nightmare. The real youtubers that are the reason of the great success of YouTube censored, deleted, deleted and hidden. Making money on YouTube is actually not possible anymore. Many channels are completely disappeared or shrunk to a minimum. There is no certainty. It seems as if YouTube is not independent youtubers want more because YouTube is now prefers channels that are managed by TV channels or Hollywood celebrities. And there are completely different rules for those administrators applicable: they are not censored, are not deleted are not banning YouTube is actually pushing these guys forward with everything they have. This is all happening simply out of greed, to make a profit. Simply because advertisers Will Smith prefer the independent youtuber. But YouTube doesn’t have to be that sure this strategy! We have had the Youtubers Union and we have thousands youtubers who are now united to be there to go against it. The only problem is that we have not been able to achieve much so far.

But that’s going to change now! IG Metall, the largest independent trade union the planet, and the youtubers are union now joining forces. The goal: to bring the old YouTube back. We have established the FairTube joint venture. And now will change the time for YouTube because we have 125 years of experience in its fight against injustice and more than two million members, plus excellent lawyers who now join forces with thousands youtubers who are unhappy like it goes now. I think we are together Be completely unbeatable. FairTube is invincible. We actually want YouTube implement huge changes their strategy for the benefit of creators and for the benefit of the whole platform. And in this video we go explain how we can achieve this. And at the same time we ask for your help. Hello everyone, I am Jrg Sprave from the youtubers union, and we’re on this the 15th floor of the IG Metall building in Frankfurt and I am here with Christiane Benner Hello Christiane! Hello, Jrg. What is your job at the IG Metall? I’m a member from IG Metall for more than 30 years now. I have worked as a youth representative and as a councilor for the working person.

And I’ve been over 20 years employed full time for IG Metall. And now I am the vice-president of this great union and my work is social straight. For many people it is not needed to explain what IG Metall is. It is the largest independent trade union in the world with more than 2.3 million members with a history that is longer than 125 years. But how many people do not know is that IG Metall is no longer just about metal. IG Metall actually focuses on business with crowd workers and the working conditions of crowd-workers and already does that for several years, and that of youtubers too of course. If the IG Metall decides to fight once they will not admit. They will fight to the end.

And for us youtubers will be completely new times break. We are no longer helpless against YouTube. With the IG Metall We have a strong, strong partner. Especially if youtubers join us to be. We know from experience that we work together to achieve a lot. And this is true the union comes into play. It is a fairly young Union that was only established in 2018 but 15,000 members are already strong. During this time there is already a lot reached: meetings with the YouTube management, even first concessions and many press.

It was quite recent lately turbulent, that’s true. But only through Fair We can do Tube with our joint venture Things change. And what that means is exactly what we are going to explain Now you. Transparency. Publish everything: Categories, procedures, rules. You should be there assume everyone would want that but in reality that is not the case. YouTube keeps everything secret: the rules for bots and censorship, their decisions, the processes they use to promote / hide a video – it becomes kept secret and that is not the way how you should treat a partner.

Just demonetization and removal. Vaguely formulated rules are not enough. We demand an exact and understandable one reason for every decision. Let’s talk to a person. Youtubers are people and deserve respect. No more standard emails from anonymous servers. People have to make the decisions, no machines. Youtubers must be genuine, people can talk and not with anonymous e-mail addresses. Set a neutral dispute resolution board on. YouTube calls the youtubers partners, but in reality it is not the case. YouTube has all the power, and this is not how a partnership works. If there serious disputes, a third party must neutral party. And this works just wonderful elsewhere. IG Metall participates in the crowdsourcing policy code.

This is a voluntary commitment about social norms through crowd-working Platforms. We have such arbitration commission and it works well. Give us a seat at the table. The entire The success of the business depends on the creative output from the youtubers. That is why it is better that you tubers too can participate in the decision making and the future of it platform. We demand the creation of an advisory board that is complete integrated in all decision making and has something to say about that. Participates in the process. These are ours requirements, and our goal is to do this as quickly as possible to implement. And now, watch out, C-level managers at YouTube, you have exactly four weeks to go to participate in negotiations with us. Tap, too, the clock is ticking. You know, how can reach us. We look forward to that. We have handed over our requirements to YouTube in Hamburg and we asked them for negotiations within the next four weeks.

We have three important powerful strategies. Two of them are for lawyers and one of these is based on your participation. Plus also much smaller topics and issues. First, there is the issue of potentially false independent entrepreneurship of the youtubers. That is pure dynamite. But because of the problem properly complex, we have an expert here: Dr. Thomas Klebe, certainly one of the most renowned experts in the field of labor law in Europe. Thomas, what a fake entrepreneurship? Thank you so much for your generous introduction.

False independent entrepreneurship means someone works as a self-employed person but In fact, an employee is with all protection that employees have. Like protection against unfair dismissal, taxation and social security. There is some proof that you tubers are false can be self-employed. For example she is continuously assessed and monitored by YouTube and only YouTube manages the relationship with advertisers. And if you all this information about the working relationship it is difficult to say whether this is independent video producers. And if it turns on the lawsuit that youtubers are indeed false are self-employed, what consequences would that have for YouTube? Well, the youtubers will be employees with all protections and benefits. And that would be very, very expensive for YouTube, especially when you watch to social insurance. But that This really means the entire business model would threaten. That is why we have ours requirements met. Like YouTube on this meets then youtubers will be real are partners. Well, there are many hot ones discussions between policy makers. For example they are talking about expanding the definition of employee.

And one thing is certain: youtubers need more rights! If YouTube meets our requirements, will youtubers are real partners. Then this will no problem. But if YouTube is not with talk to us then we will definitely ask the question about it false self-employment set in court. We will definitely ask about false put self-employment to the test in court. There are many possibilities. it will be interesting and special. The second strategy has to do with YouTube’s secret that may be illegal. Every video the youtuber uploads actually by a whole army of bots and human inspection inspected and then categorized. These categories can then be banned by advertisers. Which means that this video will not make any money and therefore does not go anywhere in terms of use. It will be a seated one become a duck. Result: the video will hardly be generating money and get few views. The yourtuber can only guess why and he can’t do anything about it. That is not legally among AVG platforms such as YouTube must be everyone them personal data have to give a copy of this data.

The general data protection regulation applies to all companies that are personal process data. And these are laws that YouTube must also follow. And what if it turns out that YouTube is indeed violates the AVG? Violations of the AVG can be punished with a fine of 4 percent of the turnover of the previous year. In 2018, YouTube earned billions of dollars. So the fine can be huge. Wow! A high price for useless confidentiality! Each one violation can lead to another fine. So YouTube must stop secrecy. At least people in Europe have the right to know what data the companies are transferring save them. YouTube still has the chance to solve the problem without high costs. We look forward to the discussions. The last but not the least: another powerful measure. And this is true youtubers come into play! Help us Make YouTube better for all involved! Spread the video, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and visit our website. And especially if you live in Germany: join IG Metall! I did that months ago. Is that not a nice business card? The IG Metall is the perfect union for us youtubers.

The more YouTube members of the IG Metall the greater the chance that we can do this end this nightmare job again turn into a dream job. On the website will find you all information about membership of IG Metall. We are very grateful to everyone assists us. We really have a long one list of promotions that you actively participate require. And we don’t want it now go into details but I can guarantee that this is going to be a shit storm has never been seen before. So YouTube, it’s up to you now. Talk to us! We know for sure that there will be a solution that works for everyone. Not only that, but what is YouTube worth without happy youtubers? Come on, managers YouTube, you know we only have the platform to be successful if we do this collaborate.

You now have four weeks to talk to us. So the countdown is started and you can follow what’s there happens on our website Wow! That’s it for today. A very nice day for all YouTube. Anyway. Thanks. Bye.

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