Be a Good Listener To Be a Good Talker.

Be a Good Listener To Be a Good Talker.


Five points to improve your listening skills,  the more listening you do the smarter you will become the better you will be liked and the better conversationalist you will be a good listener always winds up far ahead of a good talker in the factions of people this is because a good listener always allows people to hear their favorite speakers themselves there are a few things in life which will help you more than becoming a good listener

However, being a good listener is not an accident here are the five rules which make a good listener number one look at the person who is talking to anybody what listening to is worth looking at number two lean towards the speaker, and listen intently appear as if you don’t want to miss a single word number three ask questions this lets the person who is talking know you are listening number four he sticks to the speaker’s subject and doesn’t interrupt don’t change subjects on a person until he is finished no matter how anxious you are to get you started on a new one number five use the speaker’s words you and you’re if you use I mean my mind you are switching the focus from the speaker to yourself that is talking not listening you will note that these five rules are nothing more than courtesy never will courtesy pay off for you so much as it will in listening

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