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Any Free Videopad plugin?

Could someone tell me where I could found some free plugin for Videopad?
Please put the link of the website!!! :D.

Posted by Kuno
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There are tons to be found here: Http://…

Just download and save the ZIP file filter of your choice anywhere on your computer, then use the "Load" option in the plugin window in Effects to load it!

These filters were made for VirtualDub but work in Videopad as well!

What are some good free plugins for audio editing? Plus the links…?

I really want to mess with the sounds, make them heavier. Make the vocals cooler sounding. Easy to use to if possible…

Posted by kyle s
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Free and Easy is Audacity – I'm a podcaster and I've used it successfully for over a year. There are two components, the main program, and then you separately download the LAME encoder LAME32.DLL file, and have to put it in a certain folder so after you do your editing it will export to MP3.

I recommend you don't run 100 other things on the pc at the same time though, or it will slow to a crawl.

There is probably better software out there that isn't free, but I haven't bothered with it yet.

And yes, all kinds of effects you can do with it…give it a try.


Where can i find free premium wordpress plugins?

Hi, I am looking for free and "better than normal" plugins for my wordpress blog.
Is there a website for that kind of plugins?


Posted by Simon
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There is a lot of places to find free plugins for wordpress. I found a great free offer page, Where you get 6 powerful free plugins for your wordpress blog.

WP Viral Video Box Plugin
This WordPress plugin allows you to brand audio
and video players with logo, content & add time – stamp
callouts (such as popup notices) flashing call to action
buttons and auto responder optin popups.

WP Link To Tweet Plugin
This is another great WordPress plugin.
This is a great plugin you can use to get more
visitors and traffic from Twitter. It gives you the
ability to add a tweet to any text anyplace you
want in your posts or pages. You can customize
what gets tweeted and you can put it pretty much

WP Affiliate Tune Plugin
Once again, another great WordPress plugin. This one
lets you create affiliate music review pages for iTunes &
Amazon! Cash in on the huge music market niche!

WP Blog To Book Plugin
This is a fantastic plugin if you're thinking of
publishing an ebook. With this plugin you can
create an ebook of your entire wordpress blog.
Create and manage unlimited custom ebooks &
spin content into unique content. Turn your
blog into an ebook & sell it. If your blog has
great content (contributed by posters) people will
but that as an ebook.

WP Scarcity Lock
This cool plugin will help any site convert eyes
to sales. Create professional direct response viral
pages that force your web traffic to tweet your site,
ebook, offer or signup within a given time limit.
If they do not do so they will be cookied and forced
to pay through a payment link. It's a social bribe!
This explodes your traffic and list!

WP SEO Stone
Evaluate and optimize your blog pages SEO in style.
This is a powerful tool when it comes to Search Engine
Optimization. A big part of getting ranked in search engines
is knowing where your site stands & where your pages
actually rank. This plugin helps you know which pages
need to be improved. See your pages moving up and
getting prime spots in search engines & social sharing sites.
For ttard linking & ad selling this provides perfect information
to show potential buyers or traders what your site has to offer
in the way of traffic (value).

These are 6 premium plugins free for you to use. You can download them by visiting: Http://

Good Luck! 🙂

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