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WordPress plugin?

Is there a plugin for wordpress that adds other blog posts to my blog automatically?
I add the url ( to the plun in and then it will import all of its posts to my blog and also the post that it will post in the future.
Like tome kind of rss.
The best answer gets 10 points.

Posted by John L
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This is an intresting question cause I don't know the answer.

Sorry to pop your bubble but I don't think WordPress has developed a plugin like that.

I spent 15 min looking all over the internet for one and I didn't even come close.

hope i helped though.

In my blog "plugins panel" doesn't exist. Why?

In my wordpress blog "plugins panel" doesn't exist. Why? Any way to correct it?

Posted by Blessed
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If you are hosting your blog on the ( domain itself then a lot of the features aren't available to you.

If you want to be able to make use of all the features you have to get your own domain ( and host the blog on there … Things like plugins and more complete user management will be available then …

HELP with WordPress Plugins?

Basically I just need a plugin that will allows my signed up users to add a "featured image" on the posts they write. Because right now it says "access is denied, you dont have permission to". Is there a plugin that will allow them to?


Posted by John Doe
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