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I need a WordPress Plugin For SEO that gets 1st page results fast!?

I am looking for a wordpress plugin that can do my seo work for me. I am not good at seo and need a plugin that will help my site and not hurt it. I want to increase my rankings to get to the first page of google for my keywords.

Posted by Jenny
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Hi. I have the perfect solution for you. This will take care of all your onsite seo needs plus makes sites for you and find content. You can get it from here – whatworkswithme .info /seozenprodownload

SEO ZEN PRO DOWNLOAD review That Will tell you the truth.

Just like other SEO ZEN PRO reviews state, the new SEO ZEN PRO DOWNLOAD software, to be launched in October 1st 2013, has created a buzz in the industry of internet marketing. Before getting ahead of yourself to buy the product, you may want to take a closer look. Is it going to be worth the money?


SEO ZEN DOWNLOAD is the latest software designed to highly optimize a site with the use of the most effective SEO techniques. It is a solution to typical problems encountered in internet marketing. In a way, the creators of the product invite others to let the job be handled by their software instead of hiring SEO companies.

Who Needs SEO ZEN?

If you want to get in on the SEO game and become successful at it, you are strongly advised to read up on this SEO Zen Pro Download review. What is SEO Zen Pro and how will it help you in your online business? Well, it can do so in many ways, particularly in managing your SEO strategies through the push of a few buttons, be it in acquiring targeted traffic, getting PR backlinks, producing SEO optimized content, and more.
SEO ZEN PRO DOWNLOAD is perfect for internet marketers. It is the software that can eliminate negative concerns regarding SEO. Alongside them, it will also be a great help for all individuals who want to get their site featured on the first page of Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other search engines. According to this and other SEO ZEN PRO DOWNLOAD reviews, if they don’t want to bother with difficult tasks, all they need to do is purchase the product.
Slated for release in September of 2013, SEO Zen Pro Download is a software program that aims to become a worthy successor to SEO Omega (a software program devised by the same developer as SEO Zen Pro) in terms of what it has done for the SEO industry. Better yet, it’s primed to do even better than its predecessor. It’s cheap too, since you can buy the Lite version and the Pro version. Check It NOW


Helps you optimize your sites through the touch of a few buttons.
Employs tools that make it easy for you to provide your site quality content.
Assures higher page rankings through superior silo SEO.
Monetize your site in under a minute.
Get PR link sources on a regular basis.
Increased conversion rates even without exiting the software.
Makes you aware of the parameters involved in ranking high in a search engine at any given time.
Create SEO-optimized and monetized sites with the least amount of time possible.

The Makers of SEO ZEN PRO

SEO ZEN PRO DOWNLOAD was created by SEO greats Alex Cass, Alex Becker, and the team at Source Wave. The 80% Law of SEO, Half A Million Case Study, and SEO Omega are among their previous contributions to internet marketing. As these have had records of improving online businesses, you get the hint that the latest from these geniuses won’t let you down.

How Does SEO Zen Pro Work?

To put it simply, SEO Zen Pro Download is a software program that gives you all the tools that can streamline all the processes involved in SEO marketing, particularly on how you can use all parameters involved in SEO to monetize your online business.
For the past year, using PR backlinks has been very tough due to the tweaks made in the most recent Google updates. The SEO Omega has fixed some of the problems involved with it, but as the writer of this SEO Zen Pro Download review can attest, SEO Zen Pro does even better on many fronts, most especially in the manner by which you can acquire PR backlinks. Improvements on the interface have been made to make it easier to harness all resources involved in monetizing a site.
SEO Zen Pro Download can also help tremendously in helping your sites rank high in all available search engines. With the way the SEO Zen Pro is streamlining the acquisition of PR backlinks as well as implementing tried-and-tested SEO marketing methods, the program gives online marketers a big advantage in terms of increasing online visibility.

Here is a Step-by-Step Breakdown of how SEO Zen Pro works…

Step 1: Setup Silo Site (time: 15 seconds)

All you need to do is add the keywords you want to
rank for and SEO Zen Pro Download will create a perfectly Silo'ed
site (including keyword-rich categories).

Step 2: Create + Publish Unique Content (time: automated)

SEO Zen Pro Download will automatically find quality content and
spin/re-write that content so that it passes Copyscape
with ZERO detection of duplicate content.

It's also pulling in relevant YouTube Videos and inter-
linking your keywords.

Step 3: Monetize Your Site (time: automated)

SEO Zen Pro Download will add your affiliate links throughout your
site so you can start making money through any affiliate
program you choose.

Step 4: Grabbing High PR Backlinks (time: 20 seconds)

Find Intense Debate blogs with high PR and quickly
grab backlinks with publishing relevant comments.

Watch Becker Setup a Site in 60 Seconds FLAT:

What are some other real news sites like Hang the Bankers?

Or wikileaks etc.

Posted by super nudist
WordPress hosting hack question?

My main site is a wordpress theme share-hosted at Directnic. My other sites are hosted under this main site.

I cannot see the other sites' folders by logging into my main wordpress site via admin-wp. I can only access my other sites by Cpanel or FTP.

Recently my sites were hacked by some 3rd-world prick who goes by Par4noiD, and the hosting company is telling me that he got to my other sites by hacking the main wordpress site. I am not sure I buy it.

Is it possible that someone was able to hack my wordpress theme site to get into my other sites? And please, don't speculate, please do not reply if your reply includes the word 'maybe'.

Posted by borkboing
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Botnet attacks WordPress installations worldwide. This is in the media since 2013.

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