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What is the best web design software?

I am about to start on a website project that I have been putting off for too long, and I would like to know my options for design and content management.

I have tried Dreamweaver, but I find it to be a bit confusing, and spread out.

Are there any programs that are very visual?
I have heard things of WordPress but never used it- the thought of having to change the code to reflect my site sounds a bit too in depth for someone with the limited skills I have.

Posted by Yeaux
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You need to get web hosting and a domain name (like
Most web hosts already include multiple ways of buiding websites so you don't have to use any 3rd party software and you don't have to code it yourself.

I recommend one of these: Http://

iPage is currently on sale for just $3.50/month!

The full price for one year of hosting is $42/year.

Their hosting plan includes:
– Free domain name (.com, .net, .org)
– Unlimited storage and bandwidth
– Unlimited email addresses per domain name
– One Click installs of WordPress, Forums, Galleries, Shopping carts

They include a free point & click online site builder so you can create a website without any programming (easily, just by drag and drop) or you could install WordPress (they include easy, one click install from their control panel), choose a theme that you like, and start adding content.

They also have a great custom control panel with OneClick installs of all the popular software like WordPress, Joomla, Forums, Chat, Galleries, Online stores and a lot more.

Who does Website Design in Scranton PA?

Looking for company or individual to build my small biz a website.

Posted by Thomas Smith
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We are not based in Scranton, but we do build sites. We have experience in custom skins & designs.

Web Page: Http://
Portfolio: Http://

We also have experience in regular web design, wordpress, joomla, cubecart and many other facets of design.

What program is good for designing wordpress themes?

I am a newbie so I dont know much about webpage design.

Posted by Boss Lady
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ANY good web editor will work and the knowledge of HTML/CSS and PHP would be needed. Some JavaScript possibly.

Designing for WordPress – Complete Series & Downloads: Http://…

How to Make WordPress Themes (video): Http://…

Template Tags: Http://
Editing Files: Http://
How to install a WordPress Theme (Video): Http://

WordPress CSS:

How to Edit a WordPress CSS File: Http://…
Custom CSS: Http://…
Editing CSS: Http://…


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WordPress Tutorial

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