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Is there a calendar plugin that allows you to display the events by the date it will happen?

I need to know if there is a WordPress plugin that is a calendar that allows you to display the events by the date it will happen and not by the date it was posted.

For example, on Feb. 22nd I post that our company has a seminar (A) on March 15th, and then on Feb 23rd I post that we have a seminar (B) on March 3rd, and then on Feb 24th I post a seminar (C) for March 29th. On the post list is shows up as A B C, however I want them to show up in the order of the date that they will happen – B A C. And if another one were to added for say March 20th (D), it would show up in this order – B A D C.

Is there a calendar plugin that will allow this?

Did I confuse you? 😉 Thanks in advance.

Posted by Jennifer
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Any calendar plugin will display events chronologially. In fact there are a number of them available at Http://… 286 in fact.

You can also look for an events manager plugin (I seem to remember liking Events Made Easy) that may have more the functionality that you are looking for. EME can be found here: Http://… I am sure you can find more if you search for "event manager" at the plugins main page.

Sorry I can't give more specific advice – it has been too long since I was hands on with these.

How Do I install GEM for WoW?

Can anyone who plays WoW or knows how to install GEM (guild event manager) …please list a step by step instruction sheet like where i download gem from what buttons i press to extract it and where i put it …….im completely comp retarded so its a miracle that I am actually able to post this question up here. 🙁

Posted by JoeG
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You install it in the plugin folder. The explorer address should look like this.
C:Program FilesWorld of WarcraftPlugins

Is there a website I can make a customized calender on?

I want to make a calender for this year, but I don't like ones sold in stores that much. Is there any website I can make one on for free where I can customize my own pictures onto it?

Posted by Natalie_Grains
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Worktrek is a calendar for managing tasks and tracking productivity. The features include:
– todo manager
– event planning
– jabber/email/sms notifications
– productivity calendar


A new way to see your day by colour-coding your time entries for projects, lunch breaks, social events and more

Keep all of the events, or hand-pick just the ones you want.
Create filters to stay informed about certain kinds of events.

It reminds you of those events well in advance, allows you to access it on mobile, share events with others and also publish them on websites. You can invite people to events and associate event details with other Zoho Applications, thus making Zoho Calendar your access portal for the other applications.


You do not need an account. Until you have an account cookies are used to remember your events and if you use different computers (ie. Different cookies) you can set up an account to save your events securely.

A one stop solution for communicating with each other, keeping things organised, and sharing documents. Whether you’re at home, at work or commuting with a laptop, CompanyConcert is available wherever you have internet access. Think of it as a virtual office, open 24 hours a day

Use Needtomeet’s free and simple calendar to find a time that works for everyone. Schedule meetings with a few simple clicks!

Day/week/month view provided.
Create/update/remove events by drag & drop.
Plaxo is the only online address book and calendar that syncs with Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, AOL, the Mac, Thunderbird, and your mobile phone!
A free online calendar that sends text reminders to your phone.

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'EventsMaker' WordPress Plug-in Details and Instructions

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