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10 points for best ideas for a website?I want to make a website that will bring in a lot of traffic. I know my programming and i am ready to make my site but i don’t know what to make. I will not make a porn site so don’t even suggest it
OKim good at the basics i can set up an attractive site but im not good at the user interface like forums or other active stuff. I can make an amazing looking site any help with the user interface stuff.

Posted by nick
[display_name id=”2″] I can only answer from my experience, but it may be useful to you.I mainly have websites that relate to nature and stuff like that, but a while ago I decided to create a blog relating to programming, blogging ‘how to’ and things like that. I never connected the blog to any profile of mine, never promoted it in any way, not even with friends. I just posted a few (very few) little tutorial like things and never bothered to make the site look nice or anything.

I was looking at the Google Analytic stats for it the other day and nearly fell off my chair. It gets MUCH more traffic than any of my blogs or websites, some of which I have promoted heavily both in social media and in the travel industry. It amazed me so much because some of the content I covered is covered so often that you wouldn’t think anyone would ever find your site in the midst of all the available options.

So just from that experience I can say that one thing that draws traffic is ‘how to’ tips. My most read post was about hiding the navigation bar on a blogger blog. Other things included how to make a favicon and how to re-size the width of the content section of a blogger blog.

One way to do that really effectively could be to watch this section of the Yahoo! Answers and see what floats to the top often. One question I feel I have answered a dozen times now is how to make a gif animation.

Make your site really attractive and usable and provide stuff that people can use, things they are searching for is certainly a good way to get traffic.

Do a bit of homework on Google trends to help narrow your subject matter, but also write about what you know best and explain well.

How to add social media buttons to the bottom of blog posts on blogger?I just want to add the share on Facebook Twitter etc, I just want plain simple buttons. If anyone has any website they could link me In the right direction would be great. Thanks.

[display_name id=”2″] Go through some most important and high recommended plugin for your site which help to make social traffic in a pretty good manner and these plugin are:-1. Feedly
3. Twitter Search1-Floating Social Bar
4. HootSuite
5. Buffer
6. Bit.ly.

Do this wife and husband love each other?This guy belonged to a very rich family.he started working at 20 and eventually started making a lot of money by the age of 22.
He met this girl unexpectedly at a bar,he said it was love at first sight while the girl gave him his number saying if you can memorize it then call,then he called and they started dating.in between he harassed other females at his work place whom he got infatuated with,still got engaged to this girl,while making out with blondes at parties with his playboy mates,He started dating his blonde colleague with whom he got really close but she ditched him just 6 or 7 months later citing him as cocky and ill tempered.
Then this guy got engaged to his “still girlfriend” in December 05 but developed a huge crush on a blonde woman who was his colleague,though she was a few years older and engaged.She didn’t like him much but he was infatuated,kissing her on the cheeks in public,sitting next to her,finally she quit the job and this guy was left alone with his “fiance” but he had a long string of dates,mostly blondes.He dated and flaunted them to the camera.Did drugs,overdosed and stopped breathing ,fiance called the ambulance.

He claimed he always called his ‘fiance’,always.”Fiance” not bothered.by his cheating
Then came a 19 year old blonde girl with whom he quickly became friends and supported her a lot.
He was very close to her,sitting together,talking,chatting quite close.and had a soft spot for her.
Then he married his “fiance”in 07 but had planned for a baby since 06.just after marriage he was pictured with three skimpy clad blondes who were kissing him on his cheeks,one was sitting on his lap while he was shirtless.,flaunting her and his wedding ring to the camera.Another black haired girl came whom he was busy kissing on cheeks and head repeatedly.

Had a baby in 08 but was seen joking with the grown up 21 year old year old blonde girl(the 19 year old grew up)
Just early last year he was seen standing continuously standing behind the another blonde girl’s seat,fiddling with her,kissing her head,wrapping his arms around her chest,neck and is laughing and joking like crazy,whom he took out for dinner.
Then he thrashed his the same (19 year old,now 24)last year years for her sex life on radio,how many men he knows she slept with,who she is in bed with while hes talking,trying to say that shes a that shes a **** indirectly (and mentioned wife saying what he put her through when he overdosed on drugs and stopped breathing,in laws), whom he was so close that he was caught on camera in the dark parking lot of his workplace,posing very intimately.hand on waist,head touching her head.
Again “wife” not bothered.

He uses social networking sites as a handle to promote himself a a great family man telling the entire world via twitter/face book that hes going on a family vacation but rumors keep floating that he has issues in marital life-that’s why he takes breaks from work),including writing happy birthday to spouse on face book/twitter?!!??

Spouse always asking her friends to take her pictures or is clicking her own pictures.she posts pictures making strange faces,sitting on the bed and making strange faces with her friends,then wearing sunglasses,sitting in the stadium,wearing gaudy clothes and getting pictured and taking her own pictures.Who shifts away at the sight of her “supposed man”even though he didn’t approach her.
He kisses spouse in public only when “he can kiss you while people see it”and when he can’t spouse sits behind the scenes??
He owns three luxury cars,couple of mansion like homes,front row of a theater,expensive trips to islands like Hawaii,has name and fame etc.He loves the daughter and other small kids though and is a very good father.

What can you make out here???love from both wife and husband ?? Good marriage full of love or of convenience?

Posted by Ayesha Blue
[display_name id=”2″] Woooooooowww. The man is very energetic and lusty for life. The woman is probably very strong willed and wants what she wants out of life, the man obviously has a raging libido. This seems to be a wedding of convenience and love on a medium to small scale, who knows? It’s their life after all sounds like fun and games to me, could be swingers.

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