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Is there a place where I can get GPL premium WordPress themes free?

As far as I know, if someone buys a premium WordPress theme licensed under a GPL, he/she can redistribute or even resell it. So where can I get those for free? Or does anyone know a place where the premium themes are reselling at a fraction cost of the original price?

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Yes. Premium WordPress themes that are released under GPL license give you the freedom to redistribute and resell them. If it is too expensive for you to purchase from the original source, you can try the following source which give you access to 50+ premium themes at just a fraction of the original price.

Where can I get GPL premium WordPress themes for free?

Some premium theme providers license their themes under GPL so whoever buy the themes are free to redistribute them. Does anyone know any source where I can get those themes for free?

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Try these words in google: "free wordpress themes"

What site i can download premium wordpress themes for free ?

I want to make beautifully wordpress site, but i dont know where i can download themes premium for free?

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Just look up on Http:// there many-many premium themes and plugins for wordpress gave for free… Its not a rip or steal he got and license for members.

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