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Whats the best place/program/website for building websites?

Looking to build a good professional looking website with forums and other extra stuff…
Where is the best place it go for that? There as so many websites i don't know what one is best.
Not worried about cost, if its free then great if it cost £50 then that's great also.
Thanks 🙂
i was thinking about getting someone to do it for me, but i want to be free to edit and add stuff to it whenever i choose.

Posted by HulaMoo
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What you're looking for is a nice WordPress site. It can be installed on a webserver in a matter of minutes, allows you to use various pre-made themes and layouts, install as many plugins as you want, to do just about anything you want, as well as providing a simple interface to update your pages, no coding required. Best of all, it can all be had for free.

WordPress, and its installation instructions can be found:

A great list of free themes can be found:

It'll show you exactly how versatile WordPress can be.

You mention that you wanted a forum? No problem, check out:

And here's an example of it in action:

If you're looking for free hosting, I really can't recommend x10hosting enough:

It's completely free, has absolutely no ads or anything else, as well as having unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth…

Oh, did I mention that everything I've detailed in this answer is 100% free. Doesn't require any knowledge of web based programming languages, and can produce incredibly professional looking websites, as well as being up, running, and online in under an hour?

To get anything that will even come close to as professional is either going to cost you A LOT more than £50 (and they'll probably use WordPress for the base of their design anyway!), or require you studying, and practicing design skills for the next year of your life… So I really can't recommend this solution enough.

PS: Just thought I'd mention, if you don't believe what you can achieve using WordPress, then there are literally thousands of businesses out there that use it for their official websites'. From airlines, to universities, to national newspapers. A great list can be found:

Hope this helps!

How difficult would it be to start my own online clothing store?

Like I am guessing this would cost a ton more money than I am expecting. So like how much does it cost to start your own online clothing store business? I know how to design websites because that is what I am studying in college so I can make my own site but like how does one go about starting an online clothing business? I am curious to know! Thanks.

Posted by Space Cowboy
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Not much! Don't fall into the trap of big cartel and all those shit websites where you can put your products up and put prices up, the coding is horrible and unconventional if you expand in the future. Buy a do!main and hosting (£10-£20), use WordPress to get a custom theme and pump your logo into it, (Free!) then find a plugin for WordPress that offers e-shopping capabilities, there will be LOADS!

The most important factor however is the clothes haha! The presentation of the website is important but for now startup costs need to be low. However to make money you must spend it, start by selling printed apparel, such as slogan/logo T-shirts, Jumpers, Trousers etc. Then once you gain the capital you can outsource to a printing and embroidery company, but for now do it all yourself via an iron, some cheap (primark if in the UK) clothes and Transfer Paper. Basically you print off your design via your printer onto the transfer paper (can be bought from stationary shops), then use an iron or heat press to transfer it to the apparel.

But don't fall into the trap of coming across websites which offer 'great deals' for printing t-shirts, do it yourself to start out! Otherwise you'll soon find you're tied into stupid terms and conditions and the one-off costs can really add up!

One last thing, don't go into the saturated market, by this I am assuming you are following the trend of 'starting your own clothes line' which is highly hipster-fashion related. This market is far too saturated and by my predictions the hipster phase will be truly dead by May 2013 -STAY AWAY FROM IT!

How do you build an Amazon affiliate website?

I already have a detailed guide on how to build an Amazon affiliate website, which can be seen here: Http://…

However, what is YOUR recommended method? I'm looking to gather ideas on how to improve my site, increase traffic, etc.
@Jake I'm not looking to spam. This is an honest question. I've been exploring affiliate marketing, so I want to know how others have gone about building an Amazon affiliate website.

Posted by David Di Franco
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Well, the very first thing you should consider is what particular niche you want to promote, its not necessary to purchase a domain and hosting right away, try first those free domains and hosting services thats scattered around the net.yes wordpress would be your best bet as its "free" and have tons of plugins you can utilize (not to mention great themes- which is important in attracting visitors)

the harder part is getting the traffic, if youknow a bit of SEO that could help, but as a starting marketer you might resort to purchasing traffic at first, there's a lot of PTC (paid to click) and mail list that offers very cheap traffic. You can also try MANUAL traffic exchanges where you earn credits you can use in promoting your site.

When you get the hang of it and actually get some conversions thats the time you spend some bucks for domain and hosting.

Whatever you choose i wish you goodluck 🙂

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