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Can i switch to free wordpress blog to a word press website with Plugins & FTP Access ?

I have a free blog on word press with premium theme. Can i move to a word-press website which will allow me to down load plugins and other features as other website have ?
I have a domain with free word press blog, is it possible that i can switch to another hosting provider with the same domain name.
If i can switch, please let me know the process for switching.

Many thanks in advance.

Posted by rose william
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Hi – Yes, you can always switch your blog into a wordpress website. You just need to sign up in wordpress and buy a domain name. Then you can install all wordpress plugins in new website.

If you want to host your wordpress website then i would suggest you hostdeal india's hosting. Also they will help guide further. They helped me for the same problem.

Free WordPress hosting that allows plugins?

Is their a free wordpress hosting site that allows plugins? If not what is the absolute cheapest one. I dont use WP for business or anything important so I dont need 6000gb of storage and all kinds of bandwith. I just like WP and its plugins over LJ and the others blogs and am looking for one that allows plugins since does not.

Posted by Timothy M
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No. Just the paid hosts allow WordPress with plugins.

I recommend one of these Http://

Fatcow has the best offer right now.
Their standard price is $88/year
but they have the 50% sale right now.

Disk space: Unlimited
Bandwidth: Unlimited
A Free domain name is included
Unlimited domains and subdomains
(so you can actually host multiple sites on a single account)

Price: $44/year

They're one of the oldest hosting companies, founded 1998, they're also one of the largest, currently hosting about 500,000 websites.

Their hosting plan includes an easy, one click install of WordPress from their control panel, or you can install it manually if you want, of course.

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