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Free wordpress portfolio/photography theme?

I need a free wordpress theme for photography or portfolio.

Can you suggest some good ones?

Posted by Joe
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Some Themes: Http://…
Top 10 Template Generators for Blogs and Websites: Http://…

WordPress Blog Template Generator: Http://…

How to Make WordPress Themes (video): Http://…
Gallifrey Image Gallery WordPress Plugin: Http://…


WordPress themes?????

What is the best website to get website themes that do not have some kind of encryption on them???

Posted by tonyjaa987
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Most free themes have encrypted footers, that is why they are "free". You might want to go with a paid theme, those never have encryption. Check out the cheap deals like:


Or gt one of the GPL themes that look quite basic at WP's site:

Looking for a free WordPress theme, similar to brit+co?

I'd like a wordpress theme that is as similar to this as possible: Http://

If you know of one please reply n__n.

Posted by Momosamuri
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I have just find a wonderful Free WordPress Theme I like on the list.
Maybe you can take a look at this Latest 5 Free Responsive WordPress Themes for 2013.
Wish you good luck.

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