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What is the best shopping plugin for wordpress?

things of that sort?

Posted by ImDope Beatz
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Zen Cart — which is a free platform in and of itself — and the WP Zen Cart plugin can be found on WordPress's plugin directory.

What is a good, free program for making encyclopedias?

Being the nerd I am, I want to create an encyclopedia on a game for no particular reason. =3 Is there any good, free, and easy-to-use programs out there to do so? Thanks!

Posted by Logan
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Use the FREE WordPress program to create site. Then use the FREE WP Wiki Plugin to support creating a Wikipedia like site. Read following article for more details:

Add Wiki support to your WordPress blog through WP Wiki plugin [ Http://… ]

WordPress plugin help?

I am using WP premium plug-in i want to know how do i create a sign in option for all the users been created by the plug-in


Posted by Kish
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Just install user login plugin on your WordPress. Most of them a free.

Make sure that your WP engine version and plugin version are compatible.

Good luck!

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