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I need an easy-to-use gallery plugin for WordPress.?

I am building a website for a client. She is a painter and wants to showcase her paintings, portfolio-style. She is older and it's hard for her to do complicated things online. She certainly won't be learning any code. I have tried multiple plugins but they would either be too complicated for her, or they don't have all the functions I want. I need a gallery that has/does the following:

> simple back-end interface allows her to upload photos to different galleries and add captions
> allows her to easily add, delete, or move photos between albums
> displays the thumbnails of the gallery photos in a grid on the page of her choice
> allows her to place the gallery on an already-created Page (not Post)
> uses lightbox function, or is compatible with other lightbox plugins
> allows her to adjust the size of the full-size image, or automatically scales the full-size image to fit the screen (she can't resize her photos herself)

Thanks for your help!

Posted by theatrecat84
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Have you looked at Simpleviewer? Http://…

HAIR CUT HELP: I Want Something New, Simple && Pretty!?

I am getting a haircut in the near future…like in a month or so…
Anyways, I want to keep my hair long and I have wavy hair.
I straiten in 4/5 days of the week. So the style needs to look okay when not straitened.

So can you please find me a picture of hair that has long side bands down to the end of my nose thats like kinda choppy and angles into my hair with like semi long layers? I kinda want it to be sceneish because that suits my wild personality and it looks pretty on me…but it shouldn't be too crazy (layers not super short and bangs kinda longish and choppy)

I've spent hours looking for pictures and NEED your help!
If you link to a good picture expect 10 points for best answer in four hours! =]

Posted by thats her.
Is there a wordpress plugin that lets users upload video?

Is there a WordPress plug in that let's users upload videos like on Youtube? I'm not looking for something that let's people embed, link, or leech from Youtube. I'm looking for a way for users to upload original content.


Posted by jasv2
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This is a WP "Video gallery" type Plugin : Http://… The plugin suitable for your website which you can add YouTube videos.

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