How To Create A WordPress Marketing Static Page

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In the Internet business world today, WordPress marketing is the most widely used software. The popular belief is that WordPress can only be used as a blogging platform, however this is wrong and WordPress can be used for just about any type of site that you want to create. WordPress marketing can also be used to create an Affiliate marketing page. There is a very simple method in which you can set up a static front page using WordPress software. First you would need to log in to your Administration Dashboard.

Once you have logged in to the administration dashboard, the following steps will help to create a WordPress Static page.

1. Go to the page section within your admin dashboard and create a new page. You will name the new page “Home.” You can name the page anything that you want, for this example, I have named it “home.” This page will become your new WordPress static page. Make sure that you

give this page the page order of zero.

2. Now you will need to create another empty page like you did in the first step. Only this time, name the page whatever you want as you did in the first step. Remember to give your new page an order number such as ninety seven. If the theme that you are using allows for the creation of page templates you will be allowed to create a page layout now. Most of your templates will go into the default blog styling.

3. The final step when creating a static WordPress home page is to go into your settings tab within the administration dashboard and activate your new pages by clicking “reading.” Then at the very top of the page you will have the ability to choose a static page. Once that is done, you will go to the front page and select your title of which you have named your home page during the first step. The final step is to select the posts page and choose a title for your posts page. If you have done the steps correctly you will have a WordPress static page as the front page for your website. Your posts will now appear on the posts page. When you use a static WordPress front page you have the ability to update your site frequently and it will allow you to have a higher rank in the search engines. The higher you are in the search engines the more traffic and visitors to your site. WordPress is a powerful tool that allows any business owner on the internet to have the site that they choose, whether it be a blog or a full blown website.

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