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YouTube videos are fast gaining popularity as more modern consumers prefer to watch an online video for almost any topic they fancy. Videos prove to be more interesting and entertaining to fill the 5 senses of an individual compared to text-based information like emails.

Dynamics of YouTube Videos

The growing popularity of YouTube videos caught the attention of marketers and enterprises quickly to capitalize on its dynamics. Hence, many promo videos have been developed to convey the business brand and products vibrantly to targeted niche markets with the purpose to entertain and compel viewers towards a favorable business decision.

Short promo videos are very effective as web viewers do not waste much time in viewing the clip and getting the message clearly if it is well presented. Longer videos must be executed professionally to avoid viewers getting bored. Good YouTube videos could drive more traffic to the web business site or blog with the right processes implemented.

Videos on YouTube must be entertaining and informative to be attractive to viewers. The primary objective of YouTube videos is to attract web visitors to the business website for purchases and let the business enjoy a higher profit.

Creating YouTube Videos

The steps to create a successful YouTube video for online marketing purposes are few and simple, especially with the tools and solutions readily available. First, the marketer needs to set up a YouTube account through a Google+ page which YouTube would automatically create if none exists.
On the YouTube page, click the drop-down thumbnail on the ‘OK’ button to create a channel. Follow the step-by-step instructions found on YouTube tutorial to set up the channel. The YouTube account could also be set up through Facebook.

YouTube offers very simple steps in creating an awesome video that could be a dynamic traffic generator for the business. Short and simple videos could be kick started through easy production means to be uploaded to YouTube. These videos could be promoted in various environments and platforms such as popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Other dynamic promotional channels include reputed article directories, blogs and third party sites.

Generating Free Traffic

Once the video is ready, it could be deployed creatively through many channels to generate traffic that would boost business sales and bottom lines. Free traffic is readily generated through quality and interesting videos on YouTube.

YouTube videos are highly favored to be sought after as they are usually well designed and developed. Uploading a video onto YouTube is easy and fast to reach a wider audience targeted to boost the business.

Marketers who wish to deploy YouTube videos for generating traffic to their websites must consider the theme or topic first in order to generate the right contents in the video. This also ties in with the targeted niche markets, which the marketer wants to reach.

Getting the right idea or topic to produce an excellent video on YouTube can be a daunting task for those who are inexperienced. The choice of video topic relates to the quality of contents that would reflect the marketer’s business or product knowledge and expertise that would bring about respect or disgust from target niche audiences.

Millions of YouTube viewers plow the platform to check out thousands of videos posted; free traffic is generated if the viewers like the video and choose to follow the video producer for more. This would require a proper call-to-action response activated by the viewer which creates more business opportunities for the marketer.

Features of Excellent Videos

There are many features which could be considered in producing an excellent YouTube video. Marketers should consider certain features to benefit their business bottom line and generate stronger market awareness.

1) What Viewers Want

One of the best features of excellent YouTube videos is the subject matter or topic. The right topic would entice potential viewers from across the globe as web consumers prefer to watch a video on their desired topic than read or hear the contents.

The topic of the YouTube video must be one that speaks to the targeted niche markets. The video contents must be relevant to those viewers who are searching the Internet for such solutions. The video must be presented in a professional yet entertaining manner to attract the attention of viewers.

2) HOW-TOs Videos

“How-to” videos are very popular on YouTube as there are many consumers who want to pick up a simple skill personally at their own pace and leisure without being embarrassed in a crowd. Many consumers also enjoy learning new skills through How-to videos on YouTube, which could be viewed at anytime from anywhere again and again until they pick up the skills correctly.

Creativity is the key to producing successful How-to videos on YouTube as there are thousands of such videos posted on the platform daily. The presentation must be clear and simple for an easy picking up of the skill and solution.

Great amounts of traffic could be generated through How-to videos if one is a dynamic DIY expert. Simple daily tasks that are useful could produce high responses for the marketer such as getting stubborn stains off.

3) Interviews on Subject Experts

Interviews on subject experts can draw lots of traffic as web consumers love to hear what the expert has to say on the subject of interest. This method takes the stress from the marketer who does not need to know much about the subject or topic as the subject expert would do most of the talking.

However, a professional facilitation is required to keep the interview interesting and the questions must be compelling to stir curiosity. Good questions prompt interesting answers which form solutions for viewers who are likely to become loyal potential business customers.

The success of this type of YouTube video depends on the facilitator in engaging the viewers through the subject expert with the right questions for the best answers.


It is not difficult to generate free traffic from YouTube via well produced videos that are clear in objective and presentation to meet the needs of targeted web viewers.

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