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Facebook is well known as a dynamic social media network with millions of subscribers that are attractive to businesses of all industries for potential customers. This vibrant social media network is not only powerful in connecting web consumers with updates through text, videos and images; it is versatile as an impactful marketing platform for web businesses in promoting business brand and products or services.

Free Facebook Traffic

Business owners with loads of money may choose to buy web traffic as an easy and quick way to get their marketing campaigns off the ground.

However, not many businesses are privileged to have that option; hence, free traffic is desired. This is possible with the dynamic social media network like Facebook available to generate free and huge traffic volumes as this dynamic social network has millions of users plying its platform every day.

Web business sites today require constant streams of web traffic to enjoy higher sales and profit margins. Facebook is a rich source or avenue for free traffic when the right marketing strategies are applied. Marketers need to be mindful of their business goals as they take on Facebook for free organic web traffic through 7 essential tips.

Tip 1 – Include Videos and Graphics

Facebook is excellent in the posting and display of graphics and videos that would enhance any blog or webpage in generating more traffic. Consumers today are attracted by these interesting and appealing visuals and images which could be entertaining, fun and relevant to what they are searching for.

Videos and graphics are usually eye-catching to prompt web visitors in responding positively to the web link that leads them to the business webpage. Larger attractive images are usually preferred to catch web users’ attention and action if aptly applied.

Tip 2 – Write Short Interesting Posts

Modern web consumers are very busy individuals who spend a lot of time on the web, especially if they have a Facebook account. It is common to have web consumers update themselves on Facebook from computers or mobile devices with relevant apps. The latter screens may prove difficult for an easy read unless the posts are short.

Mobile users on Facebook appreciate shorter posts that are interesting over long posts which may be a challenge in retaining contents. Witty sentences are more impactful over long paragraphs in conveying the essential sales pitch subtly and professionally to win over consumers in their purchase decisions.

Tip 3 – Sharing Inspiring Quotes

Quotes are great motivators to inspire individuals at any time of their lives. Facebook users enjoy inspiring quotes which could boost their morale or confidence. These short notes could put a smile on their faces or strengthen their hope or trust in themselves or humankind.

Inspiring quotes could be plucked off from the air or through famous individuals. A significant quote could bring different meanings to different recipients and this opens up wide business opportunities for the social media groups to exchange insights and ideas while marketers attempt to establish strong relations with potential business leads.

Controversial quotes could trigger off a sleuth of discussions which could lead marketers to like-minded individuals as potential business leads while inspiring quotes offer an insight into the needs or expectations of targeted niche audiences to boost business.

Tip 4 – Proactive Interactions on the Platform

Marketers who deploy Facebook marketing for free traffic must be proactive in engaging other Facebook users. This could be executed through online group posts or forums where interesting questions and topics are posted for discussion or sharing of ideas and solutions.

A professional facilitation of such online discussion sessions would draw many interested business individuals to be inclined towards the business. All participating parties are likely to benefit from this online involvement in some way or other.

The right question or discussion topic could generate lots of interest from all walks of life. The bottom line of such online forums or discussion groups is to generate huge responses to the business that would improve brand awareness and increase sales.

Marketers indulging in Facebook interactions through online forums could be creative in posting trivia questions on business, brand or instill some fun while solving the puzzle. This would stimulate Facebook fans’ interest and curiosity to want to know more about the brand and its offers.
Tip 5 – Updating Facebook Readers
It is noted that many Facebook readers like to be updated on almost anything that is the latest news. They feel privileged to be one of the first few to know about the incident or news. Hence, these are excellent potential business leads that are open towards the business with the latest offerings.
When the information is well presented, these Facebook readers could become loyal business fans that would show support through a prompt sharing of the post to their circles of contacts. This is advantageous to the marketer who gets free advertisement assistance for free.

Tip 6 – Post Dynamic Videos

It is a fact that Facebook users love online videos which are usually well designed and produced. These are also short clips that are interesting and entertaining even if they are designed to promote a business brand or product.

It is possible that the video could be forwarded to others on the platform or other social media channels. This benefits the marketer in securing a wider market audience for free to generate organic traffic.

Short videos are ideal in capturing the essence of business messages in the content presentation which should be interesting and versatile. Viral marketing could happen with dynamically produced videos that inspire or convict viewers of the message.

Tip 7 – Posting Relevant Third Party Blogs

A successful Facebook marketing campaign need not be the efforts of the marketer alone who must write the articles to be posted as it is possible to have writer’s block. One of the dynamic techniques of having great contents for posting is to acquire premium blogs or articles from the Internet which could be shared freely on the marketer’s Facebook account.

Good backlinks could be included to direct traffic back to the web business site for the ultimate web traffic generation desired.

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