How To Improve Video SEO With Corporate Video

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Modern businesses today need more creative marketing ideas to promote their products and services. The competition is so intense that normal traditional marketing strategies may not be effective or productive.

Business owners and marketers today need to be aggressive with dynamic marketing strategies in cost effective marketing campaigns to enjoy high outcomes. This must happen to avoid a falling behind in market visibility and relevance.

Video Marketing

The market today offers loads of exciting modern marketing tools and avenues to jumpstart a great marketing plan for any innovative business in any industry. Established search engine platforms like Google offer useful rich snippets in search results that tend to increase click-through rates for a website. The objective is clear and simple; greater market visibility is established with faster online success for the business.

Such platforms are great in generating effective and impactful promotional videos on web business sites. However, the business owner or marketer must understand how to increase their chances in boosting their website’s search engine SERP via corporate video snippets. Time and effort are required to understand how the resources work and identify the best features available to achieve the desired objective: higher web traffic!

Modern consumers love promotional videos as these are more entertaining than text or still image advertising that is common with many company advertisements due to cost. However, modern technologies are bringing the production of marketing videos down so low that almost any business can indulge into it effortlessly and frequently on a personal basis or through professional assistance.

Promotional videos are usually short and captivating to attract web viewers’ attention and interest in the products or services displayed. A well produced corporate video can be very instrumental in drawing high volumes of traffic to the web business site for higher sales conversions and profits. Short corporate videos for promotion or marketing could be easily produced in a short time frame, especially when the producers are skilled and experienced with the task. Very few components are required to generate such videos quickly with a host of free or low cost tools manipulated efficiently.

Important Components for Successful Videos

Certain elements must be applied properly to produce a successful corporate video regardless of its length of play and theme. A badly produced video would be detrimental to the market image of the brand and business. Hence, one of the important components for a successful advertising video is the availability of a video sitemap. Such an element allows search engines like Google to identify clearly where the video is located and how it is embedded on the website. This information would enable the search engines to locate the promotional corporate video more easily and quickly for display when searched.

Another important component to improve a corporate video that would exude SEO features which please search engines would be to verify the YouTube channel for an easier and more effective upload of custom thumbnails of advertising videos.

YouTube is an excellent video viewing platform that offers easy accessibility and simple tools in video uploads and maintenance. Businesses with corporate videos aimed to advertise their wares and services would be able to display strong and compelling messages that maximize click-through rates with viewers.

Business marketers need to be constantly aware of the importance of relevant keywords in corporate videos as much as it is crucial in a web business site. Good keywords are just as crucial in a promotional video with SEO elements incorporated for a greater effect on the audience and search engines. Google offers a dynamic keyword planner tool that helps identify related keywords efficiently and quickly for the best of titles, tags and descriptions in any promotional video. When applied appropriately, the video gets the best of attention on the web when Google ‘crawls’ the website for such information to rank it higher over thousands of others without the feature. Hence, greater market visibility is established for a stronger market presence for the brand and business. A higher page ranking on search engine results page is a huge advantage to the business seeking for more traffic and recognition in its industry.

Another easy method to enhance video SEO in corporate video advertising is to increase the number of viewings and engagements on a video. As the subscriber base increases, top search engines like Google would be quick to note the high interest on the website and evaluate its market worth. The business owner or marketer needs to be aggressive in building a strong and a big subscriber base or a large following for their promotional videos to capture search engines’ and potential investors’ attention.

A high popularity in the market would turn more heads with a stronger market recognition and approval as an established market leader in the industry. Business owners and marketers need to subscribe to other worthy channels that could be helpful in promoting their corporate videos.

However, the crux of the matter would be the video content. It is the basic of basics where a successful corporate video requires a well planned content that is appropriately themed and produced in a creative style that would generate interest among viewers. It is possible for a corporate video to go viral when the right elements are incorporated. As more viewers enjoy the promotional video, they are likely to spread the word around to their circles of influence to fuel the business brand, image and sales. This would be the best form of advertising any company could desire without paying a cent.

Hence, time and creativity must be put into generating the best storyline around the right theme for the best results that would capture attention and play out the competition. Great video content with an appealing storyline or catchy topic would increase viewers’ engagement and support towards the business offerings and brands.


Producing a corporate video SEO may seem to be simple, but its execution may require deeper thoughts and skills. However, the market offers a host of dynamic production tools and professional assistance in this arena for the concept to be activated quickly and efficiently.

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