How to Install WordPress Plugins

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Questions and Answers

Can i install plugins into my account?

I have opnened an account at and i dont know how to install plugins into it. People keep saying upload it into wp-content/plugins or something like that. I tried accesing with ftp using my username and password but it didnt work, plz help.

Posted by Enea
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You cannot install plugins at The software is setup to be shared among all users, so there isn't anyway to install a plugin only usable by you.

An alternative if you want to use WordPress and plugins but keep free hosting is They offer php/MySQL for free, and you can easily install WordPress and WordPress plugins there.

The source link is the first of a series of three blog posts I wrote about how to get started with and WordPress. If you have trouble with the process, just leave a comment on one of the blog posts.

Good luck!

How to install plugins for wordpress?

What do i need to type into my ftp software so i can access my files, cuz i dont have the plugins optins in my wordpress page.

Posted by Enea
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Go to the website and download the plugin.

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