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2019 Way to Make Passive Income

Many exciting and easy to start business ventures have emerged on the Internet in the past decades and more would emerge in the next few years with greater advancements in technologies. One of the sprouting online business ventures today is wikiHow.

This is an interesting web platform that offers a host of relevant guides on ‘How-to’ in a myriad of tasks and projects which consumers may be interested to know. This impressive online virtual ‘guidebook’ is extensive on its offering with a growing list of items as the days go by.

What wikiHow Offers

The primary objective of this online platform is to provide high quality e-manuals on tasks and projects. It reveals in simple steps how things could be handled, made and developed in easy approaches with the best of materials and skills using sufficient knowledge to guide the explorer.

This useful platform has attracted millions of readers and fans who are constantly seeking for ‘Know-how’ solutions on the various types of tasks at hand. A wide array of task categories is available with well developed online guides to assist users from start to finish with resounding success.

A special web-based community is formed with the flexibility of contributors of relevant guides on any category of task. Every interested individual is welcomed to submit their own guide on their preferred task or project as well as make edits to existing pages to enhance the quality of the guide posted. Edits to posted guides could include adding on pictures or correcting inaccurate instructions as well as correcting typo errors or grammatical mistakes in the article.

The platform boasts of thousands of ‘How-to’ guides from all walks of life across the globe with a high ranking by Google Analytics. It also boasts of being one of the most popular websites with millions of readers every month.

There are certain standards and formats which a wikiHow article or guide must comply with to be posted and viewed.

Money Spinning Opportunity

wikiHow is a special online site that is driven by writers and editors who are primarily volunteers. These individuals collaborate dynamically to generate high quality ‘How-to’ guide articles to benefit those seeking simple and free solutions to their daily needs that would enhance their living.

Contributors could come from any part of the earth with online submissions if they have a plausible solution to a problem or task that needs a simple solution. Contributors who have dynamic solutions in addressing certain problems or difficulties in life or work could submit their helpful information for sharing on this network to benefit others in that predicament.

One of the ways in which a wikiHow writer or editor could generate income from their article contribution is through paid advertising on the article pages. A lot of businesses are willing to pay the contributors for an ad space on their ‘How-to’ guide pages if these contributing writers or editors are notable on their writing skills in developing great guide articles on this platform.

Article contributors may choose their preferred paid ads to be displayed along their articles for a fee if they were offered by interested advertising merchants. Setting changes on these ads could be controlled by the article contributor to allow or disallow the ad to pop up when one logs in.

With the primary objective of wikiHow being the main focal point of article contributors, sharing ‘How-to’ information freely on this platform is essential. However, a personal blog could be developed to promote the wikiHow article with paid advertisements to generate the desired income. This may be an indirect money spinning opportunity which holds true to the basis of wikiHow.

Many online entrepreneurs expand their market reach and visibility for their personal Internet business ventures by participating in wikiHow with excellent ‘How-to’ guides that are posted on this platform for free. However, these enterprising entrepreneurs also have their own web business site where they post high quality related content that is interesting and captivating to drive massive traffic to boost their own online business ventures. Backlinks may be considered on wikiHow guide articles to direct traffic from this platform to the entrepreneur’s web business site for a greater exposure to the business.

wikiHow contributors could also be affiliate marketers who manipulate affiliate marketing to benefit themselves in earning more side income. This simple marketing option allows the affiliate marketer cum wikiHow contributor to enjoy more earnings with a simple integration of both platforms if executed professionally.

Promotional products and services could be readily introduced professionally through article marketing and blogs on behalf of selected merchants. This would open the floodgates to more traffic and sales for higher profits desired by the marketer. Every affiliate product or service could be generated as a ‘How-to’ guide on behalf of the advertising merchant who may offer excellent commissions for every high quality guide article published on wikiHow.

wikiHow contributors who are creative in their literary skills could seek out companies that have a variety of products and services to be promoted to generate appropriate ‘How-to’ guide articles on wikiHow for free but be paid by the company. That same company could also advertise its web business site on that article page if endorsed by the wikiHow contributor. High commissions could be secured for generating a well written wikiHow guide article, especially if the response to the article is encouraging. But more pay could be garnered with the permitted company ad on the guide page itself. Hence, the wikiHow contributor would be basically reaping a double income from the same source when the article is manipulated in different approaches.


A little creativity and initiative is all that is needed for a wikiHow contributor to make big bucks on this philanthropic platform. Such contributors would certainly feel good to share their knowledge and skills freely to assist those who are unable to afford professional assistance, but at the same time, these contributors are able to generate some income for themselves.

Nothing feels better than being able to contribute to society with a side income.

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