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Modern businesses, big or small, are resorting to use Facebook in boosting sales and bottom lines. The increasing number of social media sites today is evidence of the growing number of consumers who are online every day for all purposes. Smart companies are not missing the opportunity to enhance their businesses through one or more social media sites with their online marketing campaigns.


An online social media such as Facebook is growing popular amongst modern business companies to create a stronger online presence on the Internet while being more accessible to a wider scope of consumers worldwide. The Facebook is an excellent choice of social media site by small to large businesses in widening their customer base and securing their market position without incurring too much cost.
The Facebook is growing popular amongst business companies to reach all kinds of customers online; these include children, youth, college students and adults of all categories. No one is missing out on Facebook if the relevant technology is available. Creative and innovative companies are able to build their brand and reputation through creative uploads on Facebook besides driving more traffic to their web business site.

The Facebook is excellent for businesses to announce and disseminate new information on products or services as well as the latest company updates to the public quickly and cost effectively. Feedback can be received on the company?s service standards, quality of products, modus operandi and promotion effectiveness.

Another use of Facebook for business is to attract the best of potential employees from all walks of life. There is no barrier in hiring on the Facebook as the employment notice can be viewed by one and all across the globe in all languages. The Facebook is also ideal in attracting the best of investors and business associates to expand the company with a widespread notification of the company?s reputation and establishment.

Vast opportunities

More and more business owners and managers are seeking further information on how to use Facebook to enhance their businesses with a larger leads base and sales conversion that would offer a more attractive ROI.

Small to large business companies can make use of Facebook to expand and establish their business communication and valued relationships with all involved parties that contribute to the stability and progress of the company now and in the future. Modern companies are experiencing the dynamism of Facebook in impacting their business positively to put them on a secure footing as market leaders in their industry.

Farsighted business companies would stay alert to the changing boundaries of businesses and the evolving technologies that impact their bottom line and economy at large. Companies today must adopt well planned online marketing campaigns that produce positive results for their businesses.

Facebook offers a plethora of cost effective and relevant business applications that would benefit any business and position it for growth and success. Modern businesses can display multiple RSS feeds on their business Facebook page from the main page and newsroom. Upcoming business events that would benefit customers can be added easily to notify one and all with a clear display on the Facebook page under ?upcoming? event page.

Companies can use the My Flickr to display interesting photos that include relevant and inspiring company logos, products, events and news. Posted Items Pro on Facebook allows companies to embed different platforms? music and videos on Facebook pages as an effective media center for the company. The Facebook Twitter APP pulls the company tweets together to inform the identified followers on the whereabouts of the company?s progress without wasting time on continuous updates.

These dynamic Facebook apps offer a setting up of an interactive Facebook page that enlightens web visitors on the business.

Staying relevant

Modern business companies that want to succeed in their industry and establish their market position must continue to stay relevant. This would require a continual updating of the Facebook Page on a personal basis or through a professional social media consultant who is experienced with a good track record.

More actions must be taken by the business company to be continually ?present? and happening on the Internet via the News Feed of followers. Such a move would ensure that the business company is kept high up in the minds of consumers for making a purchase decision on the company?s products, services or events.

A constant online and offsite interaction and networking is crucial with the constant content updates about the company. More web readers would come onboard and relate positively with the company. This would draw the attention of popular search engines to rank the company?s Facebook Page highly which boosts the company brand image to be labeled as a market leader in its industry.

Facebook Profile setup

It is easy to set up an account to make use of Facebook and benefit from its advanced features and apps for any modern business. To make use of Facebook you need to set up an account. After registering you need to do the following in order of importance:

A business profile can be created properly through the right features offered by Facebook that would ensure a good branding of the company. Next, a wide and long contact list must be built up to enlarge the customer base for the company. The business company must continue to communicate to its current customers and potential leads through Facebook wall posts on company offerings and promotions that would benefit consumers.

Business companies using Facebook need to update their status regularly to ensure that their customers and leads always view the latest on company updates through blog posts, product promotions, operational enhancements and upcoming events that would interest consumers.
There must be a skilled webmaster for a business company to stay visible on Facebook by participating in relevant groups that would promote the company online and offsite. Online groups offer wide opportunities of cost effective networking with business associates, investors and potential clients.

The Friends List and Fan Pages of the business company must be continually updated for expansion to stay relevant in the industry and in the minds of consumers for a continual success in the industry.

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