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What are some poll plugins for

NOT wordpress.ORG! I think those are two different websites or something.

Posted by Internetuser
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Check through these…

WordPress Plugins:

Managing Plugins: Http://…

WordPress plugin to add button for AddThis social bookmarking service : AddThis Sidebar Widget: Http://…
33 WordPress Plugins To Power Up Your Comment Section: Http://…
Plugins can extend WordPress: Http://

Random WordPress Plugins: Rotating Banners, Header Art, Images, Quotes, and Content on Your Blog: Http://…
10 best WordPress Gallery Plugins: Http://…


Suggestions for WordPress Plugin?

The job is for a website redesign but adding a client login section where clients login to an area and track what stage of the case their solicitor is at.

Am thinking a CMS site such as WordPress – Maybe there is a client login plugin that we could use and modify? I’m not sure.

Posted by arun g
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There are membership plugins for WordPress that allow certain posts/pages to only be seen by registered members after they sign in. A few examples:


I don't think they customize content to individual users, so you'll probably need to modify plugins such as these to suit your purpose, but maybe they'd provide a good starting point.

Recent Post Plugin For WordPress?

For my wordpress site I cannot find a recent posts plugin that just lists the titles of the newest posts. I do not want a thumbnail or any kind of description please help me find one! Other method than plugins
are welcome.

Posted by Barkin
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Try this:


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