Is Instagram Good For Marketing Your Business? 

What You Need To Know About Internet Marketing Niche

Although Instagram may be the ‘new kid on the block’, this social media network is no loser. To date, it has gained over 300 million users since its market inception; this is a considerable feat over such a short period of time. It goes to show that nothing is impossible today with advance technologies surging the market scene with new dynamic apps and devices.

Instagram Social Media Platform

Instagram is famed for its appeal to the younger generation users with its picture or image facilitation of messages and communication. However, businesses small and large are quickly capitalizing on it to promote their business and brands via mobile advertising. Modern consumers are ever ready to make online purchases using their powerful mobile devices equipped with dynamic mobile apps.

Small businesses are particularly impacted by Instagram to reach massive targeted customers to cash in on brand promotions and product offers. It is simple to promote a brand, product or service with an image or picture that is visually pleasing to viewers. The social network has many excellent tools that improve the image presentation to make it more appealing to viewers. This would captivate viewers to have a favorable impression with perhaps a compulsion to make an immediate online purchase.

More fans and followers could be enticed to brands and marketers who are skilled in manipulating the social platform’s marketing features to be their business strengths. Hence, Instagram ads are growing popular with a small budget and less effort in developing a dynamic marketing plan.

Targeted Niche Markets

Marketers and business entrepreneurs who engage in Instagram marketing need to identify their niche market to be profitable in their social media marketing attempts. Any form of online advertising could be costly if the right results are not generated. Hence, it is crucial for marketers and business entrepreneurs to identify their targeted audiences for every product, service or brand they wish to promote in the market.

However, not every niche market is the same in all aspects. Some may be more profitable than others, but the bottom line is to generate optimal profits with every marketing endeavor. Marketers need wisdom and insight into promising niche markets that would generate handsome returns instead of moving in or staying at saturated niche markets that are likely to boost high competition.

A profitable niche market is one which there is great potential towards the brand and business offerings. Marketers would need to generate attractive marketing solutions and campaigns that would reap the profits quickly and establish their brand’s market presence before competitors step in.

Good marketing on Instagram involves insightful research that confirms the potential of niche markets for the business. This would avoid harsh mistakes marketers and businesses may tend to make while maximizing their resources for good returns.

Dynamic Instagram Features

One of the dynamic features of Instagram is photo sharing. This is a very powerful marketing tool as a visual image is much preferred over text messages. This social media feature is highly popular today with millions of users who enjoy pictures and images with special filters for interesting effects that make the pictures more appealing.

Businesses are manipulating this feature effectively as a marketing tool to build a longer following as modern consumers prefer strong visual images that could help relate the brand and business more effectively. It is easier to forge and foster brand loyalty with such marketing feature.

There are various dynamic features which marketers could manipulate from Instagram in promoting their business.

1) Geo-tagging

Instagram offers Geo-tagging, which is the latest inclusion as a dynamic feature to tag a specific location using images that could be saved as personal photo maps to be shared with followers.

Businesses that have various locations to service consumers would find this feature useful in helping consumers identify the nearest location easily to enjoy the best of service or products for their preferred service provider. This is also an excellent marketing tool for businesses that operate in local or global marketing events where a simple photo and tag could be snapped and posted on Instagram to inform followers of the latest event which they could participate in.

2) Sharing on a Personal Level

Instagram offers an inside look of the user through the sharing of pictures and photos where a more personal approach wins more followers and fans. Even snapshots of the office happenings or marketers would enlighten and bond customers better to the brand and marketer. Snap shots of new or upcoming products offering a sneak peek boost the relations between customers and business entrepreneurs.

Up-to-date shots of the business tend to gel the customers better with the brand and company as potential business leads gain an insight of the reality of events happening in the business.

3) Enhance with Hashtags

Hashtags are very effective on social media platforms when it comes to sharing information across the Internet. Hashtags help customers relate to the brand and business which makes it easier for a successful search on the brand, company or marketer.

User images could also be hash tagged with one of the brand’s hash tags. This encourages an active participation from fans or followers to build a strong relation with the company while confirming their support and approval of the brand or products and services.

4) Online Contests

Marketers who understand the power of Instagram would discover its dynamic online contests which draw more potential leads to the business. The tempting prizes and the thrill of winning prove too exciting to pass up with many consumers when a simple photo contest is set up on Instagram.

The contest could be a powerful testament of their approval of the brand and products when they pose using the products. Creative contests would capture the attention of fans and followers who would spread the word around their personal circles of influence to widen the business contact circle.


With the rise of mobile technology today, Instagram marketing is powerful to encourage an active participation by fans and followers using simple snap shots to boost business marketing campaigns.

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