Is MLM A Good Way To Make Money

Is MLM A Good Way To Make Money

Residual Income Formula

When I was in my 20s, I was clueless about my residual income formula future.

To People Who Want To Create Videos Online But Can’t Get Started

All I knew was I wanted to be rich and successful. But I didn’t know how to generate residual income.

In fact, I didn’t even know what is success. residual income formula I studied hard and got multiple degrees that most people envy. Yet I still had no clue or confidence that I could be successful in life.

Most of my peers (the elites in the university), or should I say all of them, got into big companies. But I went to a small start-up.

While they were getting promotions after promotions, I was jobless, trying many things and failing one after another. residual income formula But there was something I did right all the time:

I made sure that I learned something new.

For example, when I was involved in MLM, while others were only selling or prospecting, I was learning and teaching success philosophies to my team.

That had built me the right mindset for future success.

When I got into online marketing, instead of simply using ready-made scripts, I tore the scripts apart and figured out how they worked.

That had allowed me to create unique scripts, giving my business a competitive edge over the others.

Besides learning skills, I also learned from my mistakes.

I always asked myself whether what I was doing was in line with my ultimate goal of time and financial freedom. residual income formula Take my first mind machine business for example. I had to conduct seminars at night to sell the product. If the business was bad, I lost money. If the business was good, I had no time, because that would mean more seminars. Whether my business was good or bad, that business was not going to bring me closer to my ultimate goal of time and financial freedom.

I stopped the business and avoided similar business in the future. residual income formula I progressed from being clueless to living a purposeful life because I had a clear ultimate goal in mind, learned skills fast, and also learned from and avoided my mistakes. To your success,

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Residual Income Formula

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