Is Your Facebook for Business Page Growing Like You Hoped?

What You Need To Know About Internet Marketing Niche

Businesses that are giving up on Facebook due to failed marketing endeavors need to relook their marketing strategies. The growing number of Facebook subscribers exceeding 1 billion makes this social media networking site a hotspot for procuring targeted niche markets.

Business owners and marketers should consider the following 3 marketing strategies for implementation to spike up their Facebook marketing campaigns for greater consumer engagement and business growth.

1) Engage a Variety of Contents

The market is limitless on Facebook with a variety of consumers having different needs and preferences. The smart marketer should be engaging in different types of contents that would interest different types of consumers on Facebook. One could target by gender or age bracket if not by interests and needs. These could be identified through in-depth and careful market research by the marketer.

It is a known fact that same content is boring, especially with Facebook users who are on the web everyday for new and fresh content. As the adage goes, “there are many ways to skin a cat”, there are plenty of creative content which marketers could engage in to attract their desired potential leads and customers from the vast number of Facebook subscribers on the most popular social media networking platform in the market.

As competition rises rapidly today, variety is the essence of successful marketing on the Internet where marketers need to change with the market trend and flow according to consumer behavior and demands. Besides business branding and products or services, marketers could offer helpful tips and solutions to daily life challenges or share personal stories of success and failures in life, work or business.

Marketers could cater to the needs of different groups of consumers on Facebook by identifying their preferences with options of product photos, infographics, videos, articles and links besides stimulating questions or inspiring quotes. Different contents appeal to different fan groups to capture their attention with a higher degree of engagement on the brand and business.

2) Deploy Interesting Photos

Photos and pictures are excellent visuals to manipulate in Facebook marketing where business leads and customers could identify with the brand or marketer better than just text. This includes the deployment of social photos besides business-related pictures to encourage higher user participation in terms of comments, likes and feedback. When Facebook users are actively engaged with these photos, a good relationship could be struck to build trust and confidence in the brand or the marketer.
Any interesting photo is a crowd puller on Facebook to lure in the desired connections for growing the business. This may be just the first step of the marketing strategy in a dynamic marketing campaign; success has to start from one step.

Larger images often enjoy more support with more likes, shares and comments, especially interesting and attractive ones. Photos and videos could be shared on Facebook with a direct publish into the post over using a link with a thumbnail.

Facebook fan participation includes writing a caption on the posted photo to generate more interactions with potential leads and customers. This would inspire support to the brand through the provocative or inspiring images that tend to stir up the right emotions within the user.

Emoticons are highly popular and effective in Facebook posts which could be deployed in business marketing campaigns for a dose of enthusiasm and positive emotion to support the brand, business and marketer. A simple emoticon is also a dynamic visual which viewers could connect or relate to and would easily associate it with the brand and business.

3) Best Publishing Times

Although there may be billions of subscribers on Facebook, there are certain times where the traffic is at optimal levels at different geographical locations. Hence, it is critical to identify the best publishing times of posts on Facebook to catch the intended crowd of business supporters.

The right posting time encourages more active participation and interaction by users to offer immediate responses that impact others on the web. When the right time is missed, the news become stale and users would not feel excited to make any comments or share as they feel that the news is no longer current although they may still be the first to read due to different time zones.

The right time of posting refers specifically to the day and time to ensure the highest traffic availability for immediate responses. The best day to post on Facebook for optimal responses would be during weekends, especially Saturdays, while the good times would be non-peak hours for web consumers to enjoy the post. Hence, specific preferred posting hours would be between 8pm and 7am to secure a high number of likes or comments with a stronger participation in sharing the post.

Marketers’ Role

Internet marketers who deploy Facebook in boosting their marketing endeavors need to keep a watch out on consumer patterns of interactions with a clear identification of their preferences. This would be helpful in planning appropriate marketing campaigns using the right strategies that would generate maximum results as ROIs.

Another important aspect of Facebook marketing success is to ensure a constant user engagement that connects marketers with targeted Facebook users. Every post must be well thought out with the right audience in mind to encourage active user participation that would create a market buzz to impact others. This is important as statistics reveal that most Facebook users spend an average of 7 hours daily on Facebook whether through browsers or apps.

Moreover, instead of exercising hard-selling strategies most of the time on Facebook, marketers need to approach the more human side of users; appropriate user emotions should be stirred with the right post and different topics or subjects should be posted to encourage fans and followers to open up to the marketer on their needs and preferences.


Internet marketers and business entrepreneurs need to consider useful tips that could propel their online businesses to greater heights through well structured Facebook marketing strategies. When the fans’ preferences are placed as top priority in the marketing endeavors, sales would increase.

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