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Web design business with wordpress?

I'm a student at the moment but I need a little extra cash to pay for some classes. I have made websites using wordpress before but never for a client so I was hoping someone can walk me through the steps of setting up a website for a client or redesigning a previous website. How would you organize everything from domain names to web hosting for both a completely new website or a redesigned one. Please be as detailed as possible. Thanks in advance.
Sorry I didn't think it was relevant but I already no both HTML and CSS. If it means anything I also know a handful of programming languages including PHP and Javascript.

Posted by Benji
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Please learn HTML and CSS before you start your own business because you will get a hard time when customer ask you a question. Some customer wants their own design layout and what happen when you can't design it?

Everyone can create a website using WordPress, but to make it looks awesome you need to redesign it.

What to learn? Tech wise(web design?)?

Hi all,

I was just thinking what should i learn, as when i learn something i normally quit. The only thing i didnt quit was doing html and some css, I want to do web design its just i dont know any sites that will help teach me and what not, i also use dreamweaver. But any recommendations to what i should learn or should i contine web design (somewhat good) either way please provide some good resource thats not youtube.


Posted by Antwonn
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I recently graduated with a degree relevant to web design and I am now running my own web design business.

I learned during an Internship that it might be good practice to step away from dreamweaver a bit to get better at "hard coding" a website. I recommend Notepad++ and Filezilla.

You also might want to brush up on PHP and learn how to build custom websites on WordPress CMS because that is what a lot of clients are going for these days.

Lastly, it won't hurt to try to get into creative graphic design using photoshop, illustrator, or other advanced graphic design programs. This is just what I am seeing being new to the industry, but I am no expert by any means (yet). I look forward to other answers that come up as they might help me as well.

Best book or class to learn WordPress web design?

I am looking to learn how to get as good as possible with WordPress for designing websites. I am an SEO consultant so I deal with a lot of internet marketing and such but my programming skills are lacking. Almost 100% of the sites we develop are built with WordPress so I am familiar with using it but not enough to build a site from scratch.

I am looking for either a really solid program or book that can teach me this from start to finish. Does anyone have a good recommendation?

I also considered taking some night classes.


Posted by Kris K
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First of all, what kind of programming language do you know? You will need to know HTML, PHP, MYSQL, as well as some javascript. While you don't need to master those language to modify wordpress, a decent knowledge will certain make coding easier.

There are a lot of free php class online. Just go to google and search for it. Skip those "dummy" or "learn it in 10 hours" book as they are way too basic.

For php and mysql i recommend Professional PHP 5 by Wrox and wordpress i read Professional WordPress Wrox.

And the best way to learning coding is to keep coding, reading alone won't work.

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WordPress Website Tutorial – WordPress Add Tab

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