Mobile Marketing: Moving From Engagement to Retention by Building Brand Affinity

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Progressive technologies today open up the floodgates in online marketing for businesses that are raring to roar with their marketing strategies. The emergence of mobile technology brings on mobile marketing that is more powerful than any current marketing tool and strategy in the market.

Dynamics of Mobile Marketing

Although mobile marketing can be considered as the new kid on the block, its intense potential in online marketing endeavors overpowers current marketing options. This has led many business marketers to get on board mobile marketing which includes cost effective banner ads through reputable ad networks.

High quality content for the web business site or blog is easily incorporated with mobile marketing where modern web consumers are ever ready to receive updates from their preferred companies on their mobile devices. These consumers readily opt in to receive emails and texts from business companies which they enjoy interesting contents on the brand, business, offerings and promotions.

Sometimes, smart mobile marketers may send other unrelated business mails to their mobile customers as staying in touch with customers need not always be business based. An inspiring thought or motivational quote as well as a funny cartoon strip or video can be very welcoming to the mobile recipients. Such acts may tend to enhance the relationship between the business company and the mobile customers.

With more and more modern consumers owning sophisticated mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, modern businesses must catch up on implementing the best of mobile marketing strategies that would motivate consumers to be loyal customers.

Mobile marketing engages the best of technologies in the market today to be the driver of sophisticated and dynamic marketing techniques in any business. A simple website or blog suffices to target the best of audience to boost the business activities that satisfy goals and objectives.

Building Brand Image

One of the important activities a marketer can engage in is the building of a strong brand image for the business. Such a strong brand would help position the business rightly in the marketplace with less effort in any marketing campaign.
A good brand image is helpful in establishing trust and confidence in the consumer market that projects a strong professionalism of the company. Mobile technology allows a simple manner of building the brand with its host of available marketing options. The fast speed and advanced components set the brand on the right track in a simple process that establishes the brand and business. It is easy to identify the business and company through a clearly identified brand that shines out in the marketplace.

It is crucial for smart business marketers to build a strong brand image before more traffic can be generated to the website. The mobile technology could be used to build a good brand image with interesting banner ads which could be circulated to a wide number of customers especially via social media networks.

The proliferation of smartphones and smart tablets today via mobile technology makes it easy for marketers to build and expand the business. Consumers today can connect easily via social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Good content sent regularly via mobile marketing would establish the brand easily as mobile customers get their business updates quickly.

Engagement to Retention

Mobile technology offers a host of exciting marketing features to promote the business. Attractive ads can be displayed on the mobile phone, especially sophisticated models that would spark consumer interest to instigate sales and purchases.
Consumers with superphones and smartphones can be immediately updated with the best of business offers to enjoy more savings and value from promotions. Smart business marketers need to seek targeted audience for their niche markets and convert them from potential leads to customers.

However, it is detrimental to stop at that point; a thriving business needs customers to be loyal to the brand. Hence, a high retention rate of customers is necessary to fuel the business operations and bottom line. New marketing and management software and solutions are required via new technologies to implement appropriate apps on smartphones so that customers would be retained as loyal subscribers to the business.

Modern technologies bring on a myriad of exciting marketing ideas which could be easily implemented to promote the business. Modern apps could be readily downloaded for free to scan QR Codes on smartphones for consumers to be immediately connected to the web business site.

Interesting business video clips and entertaining images of the business could be sent to targeted potential leads to impress them so that they would be compelled to be customers. Once they are engaged as customers with regular updates of interesting business contents, business marketers must work harder to retain these customers as loyal customers who may be prompted to promote the business on behalf of the company for free.

Customer retention is possible with creative and innovative marketing strategies such as offering of discounts, free gifts, purchase vouchers and rebates.

Building Customer List

Mobile marketing is capable of building the brand to attract more customers to the business. A growing customer base is crucial to the well being of the company besides aiming for expansion and higher market position. Hence, innovative business marketers and owners need to consider creative marketing strategies that would build up their customer list.

Many aggressive marketers may even differentiate potential lead list and a customer list. This would help the company focus on which category to build on depending on the marketing campaigns that are planned to be activated. Both lists are equally important for the company to remain relevant in the industry or be established as a market leader in its industry.

Creative marketing campaigns must be formulated using the best of mobile technologies that bring about sophisticated mobile marketing features to promote the products and services to targeted consumers. Sophisticated mobile apps and software exist in the market today to track down visitors to the web site and customer purchasing patterns to help business formulate more effective marketing plans and campaigns.

Hence, modern online businesses today must embrace mobile marketing to engage potential leads to convert them into customers who must be well serviced to become loyal customers.

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