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I'm looking for a wordpress plugin that allows users to find each other by location, kind of like a meetup or?

I'm looking for a wordpress plugin that allows users to find each other by location, kind of like a meetup or mingle type of software that would integrate in my wordpress. In other words, I've got users all over the country who are looking for others in their areas and I want to help them connect. Any ideas?
Thank you for your very general reply. Would you mind sharing some specifics?

Posted by Lisa
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Mingle, lol. You said it so would suspect you saw the plugin. The Mingle plugin allows you to create basically a social media website but I am not sure how adaptive it is to geographic selection. Ive never used it:

The other option is buddyPress, which is the WP platform, just 'reflavored' as its own CMS, but it is actually a plugin and an 'out of the box' style Social Network install for WP.

Some other very important plugins to help promote and manage your wordpress website including social network promotion on like facebook, etc.

How to remove upload file size limit on wordpress ?

I have created a blog with wordpress. I have some problems. When I upload some file into my post the file's size must be under 10MB. How can I remove this limit?

Posted by Az
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I'm going to take a guess at the WordPress plugin you're using and guess that it is Cforms. If it is not the same general principal to set the file limit size applies to most WordPress plugins. Also your host server and or mail server may have a cap on the file size your can transfer via PHP. Typically that is 10MB. If they do then the alternative is to use a Javascript or HTTP script to get around this. makes a really good and reasonably priced file upload software. Ok back to the plugin configuration itself. Like i said this info is specifically for the Cforms plugin. If you're not using it than i recommend installing it. So from the Dashboard go to your Cforms panel, click on Form Settings, click on File Upload Settings (specific to each form you create), under maximum file size enter the size in KB 12000KB equals 12MB. Like i said if your mail server does not allow files over 10MB your will have to go with another file uploader alternative using HTTP or Javascript instead of a PHP mailer. This will also require that you create a custom template for the theme you are using so that you can integrate the software into your website. I do this for a living so if you want me to do it for you I charge $150 for this service. Good luck! 😉

How to copy the folder to your local plugins directory?

Instractions are written on WordPress website as follows.

Assuming you have a working version of WordPress installed you must do the following:

1.Download the e-Commerce plugin
2.Copy the folder to your local plugins directory
3.Activate the plugin and configure it to your liking

But, how to copy the folder to my local plugins directory? What is plugin? Where can I find my plugin? I am totally pazzeled. Can someone help me??

Posted by
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I assume you are in a selfhosted blog, because if you're in, you can't install plugin.

To copy the folder to your plugins directory, this ecommerce plugin has to be in .zip format, and to copy:
1. Login to your cPanel, and look where you install wordpress.
2. Go to wp-content folder, and look for plugins.
3. Inside this plugins folder, upload your ecommerce zip
4. Extract it, and you#re done, to activate it, go to your dashboard, and plugins. Look for your plugin's folder you've just extracted it.

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