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I need a customer review wordpress plugin?

I have a small business directory website and need additional functionality.

I need it to allow customers to submit reviews/testimonials for businesses listed in the directory.

– reviews/testimonials should be moderated before being approved and displayed to the public
– a separate review form for each business is a must (this way companies can send customers to there specific page so they can submit a review.)
– latest version wordpress compatibility is a must as the site uses wordpress. (custom install not the wordpress.com stuff)
– the ability for companies to log in and approve reviews without giving them admin/editor permissions is a plus to have.
– free plugins preferred but willing to pay reasonable charges.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a plug in that would accomplish this?


Posted by rpgelinas
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I worked with WordPress. WordPress is a very popular and functional content management system, and is very effective for creating not only websites, but also blogs. In fact, most blogs are coded via WordPress, due to its ease of use. Those familiar with using WordPress should also be aware of plugins. These are pieces of code that incorporated into the system for purposes of managing content. There are many plugins available on the open source market, and they all serve their own particular purpose for making website creation easier and unique. WordPress plugins are software codes that are designed to make WordPress more user-friendly. There are thousands of plugins available, so users have an abundance of material to work with. However, given that plugins are not created by the WordPress developer, users must take caution when installing them. Given that they are created by 3rd parties, one can never be too safe when deciding to use a particular plugin on their site.

Which is popular wordpress plugin to remove duplicate post?

Posted by Nilesh
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No need plugin. You can run this SQL QUERY on your MySQL admin panel (such as phpMyAdmin) -> faster and safer – don't forget to back up your DB in case anything goes wrong -> assuming that your WP tables are called wp_ (if it is something different all you have to do is replace that part on the query for the proper tables name)

DELETE bad_rows.*
from wp_posts as bad_rows
inner join (
select post_title, MIN(id) as min_id
from wp_posts
group by post_title
having count(*) > 1
) as good_rows on good_rows.post_title = bad_rows.post_title
and good_rows.min_id <> bad_rows.id

if you do not know phpmyadmin, try Http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/find…

WordPress plugin for product review and price?

Do you know any wordpress plugin that provide me a custom review for product or service? I want to list a product on my post with details of :
1-Description of product
2- Photo of product
3-The price of product
If there is no plugin in the market, so any template or theme provide me what I want.

Five stars for best answer.

Posted by Bashir
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There's plenty of WordPress plugins that support e-commerce and allow you to sell your products online. One of the most popular ones is:


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