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Can I build a shop on

Hi, I'm new to wordpress and I need a little help. I need to build an online shop. I know that I can run off of my computer, but I don't have a machine that's stable enough for that. Can I use
Thanks you so much!

Posted by Aseawen
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You can use in conjunction with a hosting account. WordPress has quite a few e-commerce plugins as well as some Premium Shopping cart style themes with e-commerce solutions built in. You can start with and to see the different options available.

WordPress pulg-ins & premium features –help required?

I want to design a new website with I have have already registered the domain name. Now i want few plug-ins and so i need premium wordpress account.

Most of my plug-ins will be SEO(Search engine optimization) based like keyword pplug-insfor every page.. Etc…so which premium features should i choose?

Posted by kingshuk_india
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A premium account gives you more features like your own domain name and custom CSS, however plugins are not permitted on a website.

In order to have a site that uses plugins, you will need a self-hosted site that runs the software.

For that you will need a web host. There are many web hosts available these days. A popular one (and one that I use) is Hostgator.

As far as a SEO plugin, there are two popular ones:
Wordpress SEO by Yoast

Good luck.

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