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Premium templates for wordpres?

Do you know any WordPress meta search engine name or some thing like that. I last open this one year back. Plz help.
I need url.

Posted by Saurav D
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You are looking for premium templates for wordpress or for the website url?

Do you khnow any place to download premium blogger templates with no hidden malwares?

I even can pay
i just want a place safe to download premium magazine blogger templates
with no malwares or hidden links that can affect my blog in google.

Posted by tala
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If you use Blogging software like WordPress, there are many free design templates.


Do a search for "free design templates" for the blog program you are using, and then look at the quality of the site and search for any complaints about the site. Many of the free theme sites are making money from the ads on their free-theme web sites and don't need to scam anyone.

And there are paid template services like Template Rover. (There are lots of them.)

Hope this helps.

Does anybody know a WordPress template that looks like WIMP.COM?

Does anybody know a WordPress template that looks like WIMP.COM? It can be free or premium.

Posted by La
[display_name id=”1″] is a very basic theme. All you need is a simple one-column theme that has a basic color that you will customize. I know Thesis can be made to look like that with excellent SEO which will help you rank better, Http://… also has some premium themes that feature single column designs.

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