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WordPress creating themes ?

I'm new to wordpress and i want a way i can create a theme for a website without coding as i have no knowledge of coding ????

Posted by Rhys
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I think your best solution is going with a premium theme that offers customization directly from the dashboard of WordPress. You can find several options for premium themes here Http://… and most of the companies listed there include some sort of framework that allows you to modify the theme to your taste including header, sidebar locations, colors, fonts, and more.

This is the only thing I can think of in your case since you do not want to learn how to code a theme for yourself.

Premium WordPress Themes?

I found some great themes at Http:// but I need help from someone to customize it.

Posted by braydond
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Well i actually got this program that left me with no questions. Its called Super Adsense WordPress Theme/plugin. I got it from this website Http://… plus they have alot of other programs. For another plus they give good rebates!

WordPress premium themes?

I am looking for a "magazine" premium WordPress theme to purchase. Don't mind paying.
Looking for nice layout, great SEO, plenty of colors. Please help.

What are the best premium WP themes
Will anyone recommend the following:


Studio Press or Elegant Themes


Posted by Sandy Sami
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Three of the best premium theme websites I've come across in my 10 years in the website industry are:

The first has the most edgy themes and is the least expensive. The second is the most seo friendly however is a bit pricey. The third is a good balance between the others – nice designs, reasonable price and pretty clean markup.

My preference is Themeforest and it is one of their themes, Karma, I use on my own website: Although I probably don't do it justice.

Each of the above websites has the magazine style themes you're seeking.

Good luck in your search


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