Secret Twitter Strategies to Build an Audience, Gain Visibility Grow your Business with Gary Loper

welcome to hustle is for life motivation if you are watching this right now you are an awesomeness junkie you are hungry to receive more awesomeness and really truly accelerate your life and take it to the next level I am tell all your hosts and my job is to bring on amazing people who have achieved extraordinary results in their life and are doing amazing things to change other people’s lives so you can truly learn from them and follow in the footsteps and achieve the same results that they have managed to create in their lives now tonight I have an amazing guest with me he has been an entrepreneur for 18 years he has more than three decades of superior customer service experience he’s a life style lifetime steward of personal growth and motivation and the cool thing is he’s actually an expert on Twitter he’s got more than 250,000 connections on Twitter he’s a highly respected entrepreneur and he’s also a business life and social media coach he has helped loads of people build huge followings on Twitter and he’s got a very systematic approach a very formulaic approach on how people can use Twitter to reach out make an impact build an audience around their cause and just really accelerate their life their business their career whatever it is that they’re focused on so please help me welcome the amazing Gary Loper on the show Gary thanks for taking the time to be here oh thanks tell all it’s a pleasure it’s you know just going out to be able to share what we can with the world it’d just you know make it better or tweet at a time whatever we can be able to do because it’s it’s just really amazing because it’s you know it’s just a you know an opportunity to be able to share with people because I know that’s Twitter social media can really open up the worlds new worlds to people so let’s let’s just dive into it and see what we see how we can help absolutely and you know Gary I’m really hoping that we will go deep in there with this conversation because I know there are lots of people out there who probably have set up a Twitter profile and the few things on there they probably didn’t get a lot of response and they gave up and it’s just sitting there you’re talking to one of them right now so I’m hoping that we can dig a bit deep in this conversation and really you know make the audience aware of what’s really truly possible by leveraging social media oh there’s there’s so much but you know that’s probably one of the biggest mistakes for a lot of people is they get on and it does does get very overwhelming mm-hmm because if you look at trying to be able to follow everything that’s going on and I just tell people you know it’s like if you went to a stadium it’s full of people it’s a networking event yeah so there’s like a hundred thousand people that are there are you gonna want to try to be able to figure out what everybody is talking about or do you or do you want to try to find a way to be able to find the people who are having the conversations that you could add to or that you could learn from that’s the biggest thing is you you want to be able you know you don’t want to know about everything you want to be able to craft your tweets that anybody can find it and that you can solve their problems yeah but really to keep with stuff stay you know pick some lanes what do you want to learn what can you share and go through there and it’s demystifying you know the profile is you know a great place to start I think that’s the most valuable real estate that you can have on social media yeah it’s the first impression when somebody clicks onto your page and they see that this is the first impression you got four to ten seconds to be able to impress upon them who you are what you can do for them and you know and establish that level of expertise yeah so you got four to ten you got four to ten seconds so your profile needs to be able to set your profile the the bio you get 160 characters and those are searchable so I tell I tell people you know don’t fill this up with superfluous work like I like to work with people who like to go for moonlight walks it’s like okay so social media coach motivation speaker bump you know water people typing into a search engine that then it will increase your probability of being able to be found so let’s hope Pete people at that profile so you’re not going to be able to be found if you don’t tell people what you’re doing yeah that banner behind that banner behind is something that’s a billboard it’s a billboard you can be able to go and advertise and to be able to give people a visual idea of who you are and what they could be able to expect you know mine has got little thumbnail pictures of my ebooks how they can connect with me on other social media sites and my and my profile the words of my profile are restated up on that billboard now those are static they’re not live legs right and but you know I we customize them with bitly to make them easy for you to be able to rip down if you know bit you know bit that lis forward slash Gary MT is for the master Twitterverse ebook so something that’s easy someone can write down and grab and go but you got to get that first impression and then that’s gonna allow them to be able to scroll down and go look it’s okay what do you what is this guy tweeting about yeah and this was one of the things we tell people is just like my MP empty parking lot syndrome when out where knows younger lived that back in Wisconsin you know the kids always hated our aimless excursions to know where we’re just getting a car and we drove all of these country roads and this is before the phones and anything else so we had to rely on billboards on where the restaurants work and so that we say okay we’re hungry so you see a billboard says maas restaurant five miles away so we’re waiting to drive off the mods restaurant and there’s no cars in the parking lot I could have really it could have really great fruit but nobody’s going into a place with an empty parking lots yeah yeah so you’re gonna go where there’s other traffic in something else so that’s why I tell people is it you gotta fill your tweet stream with great tweets that represent those cars in a park and so people will see it hey they retweeted or there’s comments or there’s likes on it yeah it says okay somebody else has already tried and tried and tested this person yeah and their follow but now I can feel comfortable following them yeah so that that that’s a starting place but I think one of the biggest things when people get lost too and they start is they don’t have a purpose you know it’s like anything else you start a business you have a business plan you have a purpose you have a vision yeah so social media no matter what platform has got filled with so many rabbit holes that you can go get lost in and so if you’re gonna be hearing if you’re tweeting for your business you know tweet about your business you want to also inject some of your personality to get people and reason to be able to differentiate you from everybody else but you know they’re they’re just so much I you know I got a 12 hour course so we that I can do and I don’t know how I can be able to get I know how I can that can be condense it all into a couple minutes for you just makes so much sense when you say it right it makes so much sense but I think a lot of people are actually overwhelmed by just so much going on there just so much traffic and it’s hard to it’s hard to kind of you know find find a space for yourself I’m just actually curious for people who are maybe just beginners and they are trying to establish some sort of you know linked with social media and for feeling a little bit overwhelmed because there’s Instagram this Facebook this Twitter there’s LinkedIn there’s this there’s that this snapshot why is Twitter important why they need to be on Twitter what can you tell us about Twitter that makes it such a powerful platform well for me the differentiation always was I made better connections on Twitter I could be able to talk to people you know real quickly and the people that I’ve met around the world they’ve been more or open to be able to talk you know when we were talking beforehand you also talked about that the fact is that there’s no vetting on Twitter I can follow anybody and anybody can follow me and all the other platforms you need to be able you know you need to I have to approve you to be able to my Facebook and now Facebook I’ve reached five thousand so nobody else can be able to come and be my friends so you have to follow the business kind of stuff and so there really isn’t a connection and I just think the theme of some of the other platforms aren’t really the social aspects right I really like the fact that if you’d like 24/7 people can be able to find you mmm and that’s why and no vetting and if you word your craft your tweets well like we said it everybody is online to solve their problems one way or another yeah and and so I use this analogy that you know especially you know and your main focus should not be promotion and we can be able to talk about that but what do you do your promotion it should be crafted kind of like the the short sexy titles in the make you know the magazines and the groceries grocery checkouts yeah there’s the star The Enquirer Cosmo you know they all have short sexy titles get the guy lose the guy try this recipe go this vacation do this and you’re gonna pick that up because you’re gonna want to know that solution whether whether or not you know it’s a weight lifting something you know bigger tries or whatever whatever the magazine is you’re gonna look at that cover and it’s got those short sixty titles and entice you to be able to pick that magazine up and look oh how can I do this for me yeah yeah and that’s what your tweets that’s what you use the same rules and do that to your tweets so you entice people to be able to click on your stuff but you also have you know first off you know that that’s a secondary part of it you have to be able to build their trust and rapport yeah so you so you just can’t be there and be there about promotion you’ve got you know 80% of your stuff needs to be other focused you know I have my for ease of effective tweeting your tweet should be educational they need to be entertaining they need to enhance the lives of other people and they need to be engaging and so if you work at a eighty percent of your tweets have one or more of those features then what do you do your twenty percent of promotion then you look at okay your tweets are need to be crafted as problems solving problems for other people that’s a real quick equipping and you know shortcut on how you can be able to be great on Twitter and I know there’s lot of scope there because it’s short it’s focused and like you said you know anybody can join and kind of come in and connect with you and you can connect with anybody else so that’s really powerful for people who might be inspired by this and they’re saying oh this is great I like the fact that I can connect with anybody it’s 24/7 365 and anybody can connect with me really powerful I can keep it short I don’t have to write a lengthy stuff and I don’t have to worry about you know being too formal and putting in the greetings and all sorts of other stuff but at the same time that they’re just not sure how they can get started and grow their following grow their audience because essentially like I said everybody’s there to find a solution what’s the what’s the first thing they need to be thinking about when they first joined Twitter on in terms of you know they need to follow a systematic way what step one in that system system well first is your pet your purpose your passion why are you here so that that will give you the topic of what your 80% of your tweets are gonna be about so if you look at my messages you know they’re there’s a lot of motivational messages because that’s a very important thing and I want to be able to motivate you know also fits into my love language you know words of affirmation so there’s it that really is my purpose is to motivate and make and help people you know make themselves even better so that purpose is there the bio and going through there but one of the biggest the questions that I always get for people is that you know how do I get more followers which I think maybe what you’re talking is is I found is you know in order to be a great to get followers you have to become a great follower first right and it’s kind of like going to the gym or training for a marathon you know you don’t start out going to the gym bench pressing 400 pounds and so there’s no like anything else it’s a process you have to be able to learn and just grow grow through it you know and I tell people you know when you first get on you know don’t try to sell anything until you have two thousand tweets in two thousand followers yeah and the reason is is there’s that learning curve how do I get my thoughts down from you know all the things are going through my brain down to 140 but now that now it’s 280 how do you get it down even 280 this could be very limiting in time yeah but it takes a little while to be able to figure that out you also have in that time you’re also going to be able to learn how to gauge your audience yeah because we talked about those for ease what do they find is entertaining you could find something that’s entertaining and and you could put put something out there and it’s just like crickets nobody’s gonna responds with it yeah so you got to go find out what your audience is so they’re really probably the bottom line through all of this is your purpose getting a profile out there but really is having a focus on serving other people hmm I think that’s the biggest the biggest biggest success that people who have gotten it and will get it is who are going to be others focused people who are just out there promoting or they just have a news feed or something else that and that doesn’t show any kind of engagement any kind of inter connection yeah because social media is level the playing field Tony Robbins and I have the same amount of tweet space that we can be able to you you know so his motivation is one level mine’s another thing but we you know whatever your competition is you got the same same characters yeah so there’s all your consumers have a lot of choices so what are they what’s going to differentiate you from everybody else so this is something that’s important you know I had clients who love Star Wars so we found a lot of Star Wars quotes in we enter and we put those into his his sales tips messages yeah another guy was a big Star Trek kind of guy and or somebody else was uh you know a lot more metaphysical so we brought in a lot of the hey house authors and in some of those things so you know and there was a coach that I worked with who was a speech coach who had a bout of lung cancer from a gluten issue right and and so she started tweeting about gluten free diet it’s tough because you know how it pertains to public speaking you know gluten is gonna blow up your belly everything else and you’re not gonna look good up on stage if you got a bloated belly so it’s important and the though of all of those things are little differentiations so that the audience has a reason to take a step closer to you because they got a lot of choices and you got to give them a reason and comfort that they’re they know that they’re going to be treated well and especially if they invest in you that they can feel good about it yeah and you’re right it’s about making sure that you are meeting the needs of the audience rather than actually be there and you’re doing whatever you think is right but actually you’re not really answering people’s questions you’re not solving their problems and you’re they’re feeling ignored so nobody’s gonna follow you at that point exactly you know this was a big thing that I’m still learning I had a coach who’s you know she pre-sold a best-selling book that she never wrote said she didn’t write yet because she wanted to be able to cheat she went out there and she had the idea so what here’s the idea of this book and as her her preacher pre-launch thing came all the ideas and questions in comments and so she was writing it because as she already saw ok the pre-launch is successful so we can go ahead how many times are people writing programs in writing courses that nobody ever goes to yeah so I really I really love that idea is like oh you know you got to be able to be a little bit bolder and just okay let’s just go out and sell the idea then I’ll build the program what once I know that it’s going to be successful though she said she doesn’t do Twitter too much but she did it with a lot through a lot for other Pro Plan forms other affiliates or her communities and a lot of other things so it’s so I really I really like that idea and I know that I have to be able to let go of my sort of my control and wanting to be all like it’s got to be able to be so right and then we just never gets we just never get started because we’re it’s never right it’s never right enough for us so Gary I mean that was phenomenal you you added a lot of value there and you know showed the audience what it’s all about what’s Twitter’s really all about and I really like that but I’m also wondering what advice can you give them in terms of how often they need to tweet and what kind of material they need to be tweeting because obviously when you’re trying to build an audience you’re trying to engage with that audience like what’s a good frequency to have because obviously you have other things to be looking after as an entrepreneur as somebody who’s starting up or somebody who’s you know kind of leveraging the cause they have a passion for something how often do the need to be on Twitter to get that visibility and start to attract those people well I really think that if you’re look if you’re doing this for a business for a cause you need to be tweeting a minimum of 20 times a day okay okay so that’s a reaction we get from a lot of people to go wow 20 times a day yeah and okay so remember a previous conversation it’s not about you so we look at this so 20 tweets a day you should be you know 7 or 10 of them should be retweets of other people’s stuff okay right you know you know three to five of those things should be articles that help sort of cement your expertise okay you know so and it’s not unnecessarily an article that if you’re selling vitamins it’s not a company article saying the Hogs owner vitamins are you know come across as a health expert yeah nutrition expert give us John Hopkins give us Mayo Clinic there was something that validates the use of this stuff and these and then your products are something that you recommend yeah so retweets articles engagements going back and saying thank you for following thank you for retweeting hey I really like your blog oh I liked your banner I saw you got a new picture it’s just something else is just create engagement and I think that’s engagement is always the most valuable thing because like 40% maybe even more of all the active users on Twitter are kind of lawyers they’re watching and so they want to be able to see that you’re engaging that you have a real voice so that if they need you they can trust trust you or what I think is even better is if it trust me they’re gonna be able to refer me to other people yeah yeah so you so those engagements and then you got like two two of those things they’re self-promotion yeah now you you can be able to do that in about 15 minutes a day if you use it if you use a tool like TweetDeck or HootSuite and we can show you in our classes and they’re real easy to be able to do you can use it dashboard and you can be able to have columns of any of the lists that you’re following or you know hashtags that your father and then you can just go you can scroll through already people that you know and trust are gonna put a good content out so if you’re looking for good good motivational messages I hope you’ll list me and then you’ll know you’ll have good stuff that you can be able to put a couple of those messages out a week yeah and be able to share it and boom boom boom then you’re done and this is something also that just heard it grows again this is our going to the gym analogy you got to learn how to walk before you run and I think that’s one of the biggest mistakes is somebody’s gonna look come on and they’re just gonna start and they’re gonna look at oh I want Gary’s audience well my primary account just went over two hundred thousand my backup account has got 88,000 people and they’re gonna look at that and they go wow I want that okay I started in 2008 and I’ve been building that and I think that’s always something that somebody is comparing their chapter 1 or chapter 5 to somebody else’s chapter 30 yeah and so just just go and lift the five pound dumbbells for a while it takes a little while read some free ebooks take courses that’s what that’s where I’ve learned a lot of the stuff and then I go okay well I learned a lot of stuff but I also felt that a found out that I knew much more than what some of the people were teaching yeah because I was able to apply my marketing and sales background a customer service background and the relationship aspect interested they said okay you know this is really a great tool that you can be able to go there and build trust and rapport and you know kind of in a sales process you’re identifying needs and problems and pre answered during objections now those those can all be intertwined in this stuff that you tweet so you just goes on and so you’re sort of subconsciously programming or letting people know this is my process here’s my services and so then when the offer does come up when they see it yeah yeah more clicks yeah so it’s you have to give before you take right exactly in everything and everything in life especially the social media is there anything else but you know one of the quotes we have it in you know if you want to be loved you got to be lovable and you know if you want engagement you did if you get on there and you’re coming through I’ll just put out there and I put questions up there and nobody answers my questions okay well nobody knows you you haven’t built the trust and anything else so let your audience go see you answering somebody else’s questions and going through that you got to be able to go give what you most want first yeah and then the universe brings it all back to you ten or hundred times fold but it will come from unexpected places so you can’t put it out one place and say oh well you kind of like you owe me that’s that’s that’s bookkeeping that’s a debits and credits and you give this balance but you have to have a bigger bigger faith that the universe is out there and it’s kind of the Karma you just put it out there and it’s just going to come back anymore you put out the more comes back awesome I believe food and that’s that’s what and it’s working in our life so it’s we know that it works now Gary I’m sitting here and I can see that you’re very passionate about it this is something that you know you have a very good understanding off you love sharing it for the people you’re very open about it you’re very genuine about it and it really shows so that’s that’s really awesome the fact that you know you’re not you have this knowledge and you’re not just holding it to yourself you’re actually willing to share it with other people and you know help them along their journey and I think that’s really powerful so thank you for sharing that that was that was awesome all by pleasured you know there’s and there and there’s so much there’s so much we can be able to share our things we need to talk talk about you know making sure people are consistent hashtags and memes and ways to be able to connect so there’s just so much more and you know like I said you know fine do you finally find ebooks I’m doing free Twitter trading is every other Tuesday night so just follow my stream for the four links for those things but and those things are up on YouTube just a raw video so you can be able to get a little peek awesome awesome that’s great well Gary what I’ll do is obviously I’ll put all the links and tags below in the description of the video so people can click on it and you know access them that way excellent excellent yeah I am going to pause no problem I was doing a Twitter training Tuesday night all right and we’re doing and we’re doing something different because somebody asked me to do an interview during a tweet chat oh so I brought the tweet chat into my training so I’m doing it on Zoom and the tweet chat is keep on refreshing so that exhume is just pulling too much on so the computer was just always lagging and stuff like that so a couple years ago when I first started doing this and computers for you know pictures froze or something else and just freaked the hell freak the hell out of it I just sort of went off and now it’s just it’s it’s kind of the process yeah black pen it just it just happens sometimes so but I think it seems to you okay now cuz I can hear you okay I can see you okay it’s all good so we’ll we can be on yeah excellent yeah yeah cool okay so come on okay right so Gary let’s take it in a different direction I mean obviously you just talked about using hashtags and using memes and all that kind of stuff and obviously when you are creating content when you are you know putting tweets out there that is important to have a variety can you give us a little bit more information on what kind of tweets can people be doing like can they include memes can they include gifts can they include pictures what what kind of things should they be putting on Twitter to to attract that audience and also if you can talk a little bit about how to use hashtags because I think that’s another thing people quite struggle with they don’t quite understand what what has Zarah and how to use them oh yeah well one of the things you know just imagine so you’re looking at you know what to tweet wish I put out there so again just think about what is your audience gonna see right you know I did an interview at one time with a guy and he gave me a term in my head it sort of stuck in there is you want to be able to have thumb stopping content so if people are if people are on their phones or on their tablets they’re scrolling yeah so what’s going to stop them and so they’re dimension so if you have nothing but memes in pictures picture quotes and you’re thinking you know again that becomes a little mind-numbing and it again gifts you have to be able to look at is your audience responding to me personally I think it’s kind of distracting because it’s like okay so what the the thing is just a loop what’s the point I don’t get it maybe it’s maybe it’s an age thing it’s something but if your audience gets it yeah then you got to be able to do it you know I’ve always used these motivational messages and I’ve you know blended into as a time comes in there you know we’ve we’ve created memes my wife’s a great graphic artist so she’s created a lot of the Ceph for me she created the images on our site and all the promos that we put out there so it just becomes a balance you know I heard somebody say once that you know one out of every four should be sort of the picture so something that’s visual okay and you know and it also comes up another question because this came up the other night on another interview was 140 characters or 280 I’ve always loved the 140 because it forced us to be able to get our mind down and be able to communicate and shorter thing because I think people are going to be there looking quick they’re not going to read a you know they want bullets right so if they’re scrolling through thumb come stopping kind of thing so if you’ve got a paragraph how am I going to know what the main point is and sometimes you may need it and so that’s why there’s always a blend and that’s kind of you need to be able to just sort of work with it yeah but you know what probably the whole thing with all of that too is consistency you need to be tweeting every day you know and because I put these motivational quotes out all the time every day somebody is responding to me telling me how those messages have made an impact in their life or as a reminder that although my grandma used to say something like this or my professor used to say something like this all the time so that you know it’s great you know I use this philosophy as a Zig Ziglar quote a long time ago they use it as you know that they say that motivation doesn’t last but either it is bathing that’s why you need to do both everyday so I I just look at my tweets stream is it that motivational shower that you can come into whatever you want to be able to get an uplifting message and going through them now also about hashtags and that’s an incredible thing though for for people who don’t know hashtags is the pound sign in front of a word or a series of words and that sort of implies that people who are using that are making an intentional use of that term that they want to be found in that discussion right and so when people came out you know solo questions oh do I you know do I make my own personal hashtag well here’s my personal lesson on personal hashtags and I’d go through I created a whole lot of affirmations and I called them just for today affirmations but I didn’t use affirmation just said just for today because it as a Reiki Master one of my Reiki prayers was just for today and this and that you know just sort of remind there’s little nuggets of what we need to do every day to become even better and as a coach I also know that it takes 60 or 90 days to be able to create a new habit so these are all sort of little reminders instead of trying to be able to eat the whole elephant we just each day I’m just going to each day I’m gonna make it choices each day I’m gonna brush my teeth each day I’m gonna smile each day I’m gonna do this but nobody was responding to my just for today because it battle that was more important to me because that was my theme nobody else really got it so what you want to be able to do what that I did is I looked and say okay these are affirmations affirmation is a bigger topic yeah so what I saw when I went and studied and looked at hashtag affirmation there’s a lot of affirmations out there so I added a second hashtag so it’s hashtag just for today hashtag affirmation so now I’m found in the bigger conversation so the lesson is for people when you come out there is you know when you start out what is the bigger conversation you want to have right so what whether it’s marketing if it’s businesses small business social media if it’s massage whatever it is go look at that bigger conversation establish yourself in those conversations and and that is going to be able to establish you on Twitter and be able to create your influence and everything else now you’ve got people coming back to your site your page yeah now you now you can start introducing a personal hashtag because they can connect that with you yeah is that it is putting one out there and nobody knows who the hell you are or what it’s about yeah and and I still get it people say oh well these affirmations they should be every day and so what I did is I wrote a blog explaining why the whole thing about eating the elephant one bite at a time and all so I just um people said yeah every day is the goal but that’s overwhelming for a lot of people so go read my blog at bit oddly forward slash Gary EE you can be able to read more about life why we’re doing it but hashtags are a great way to remember we talked about the stadium yeah this is one of the ways that you can go find the conversations that you want to be a part of is to be able to use the search box up on Twitter to go find those hashtags we’ll find those Congress it and that’s a way you could be able to connect to is be able to build your following you know it’s a great thing on Twitter when you start out you you can follow five thousand people at first with no limitations once you get the five thousand there’s a ten percent rule that you have to be able to but you can go out and follow a whole bunch of people and by again by you doing that first and you’ve got good content and you engage well just people will follow you back yeah and that that’s that’s how you you know you build your presence through your tweets the cause is that you want to go through and you know that’s another thing too you know if we’ve talked you mention causes yeah you can be able to use all of these things that we talked about you can be I’ve talked about tweets you can use the keywords the cause that be able to come out there and say okay you know if it’s about kindness or growth or unity or equal rights or all of these other things find a whole bunch of messages that establish you the saying this is what I’m all about yeah and so that there’s there’s no question there’s no question when somebody comes onto your site is you know they want to be able to know okay this is an expert in this area yeah you know I had one client to as a massage therapist and the landscaper I could see the build you know the bridge in between but a lot of other people would be confusing so so what you really want to be able to say is okay so if I’m doing if I have a social cause or if I have a bigger passion you know about personal development yeah and some of the other things I want to work on is equality and mental health so those are the things that I want to be able to work on they’re very very important because I know I’ve dealt with them and a lot of other people are dealing with them and the world just needs in equality equal rights and much more understanding yes and what’s going on we just need a but I think we can be able to create that through tweets I’ve collected over 20,000 tweets I’ve got a library of stuff that we can be able to customize for people or you can go you can go file and among other sites you can find them on Twitter just put the search words in that you want to go find they’ll bring up all the tweets and anything else is people are writing about it but you can create memes that have it you know and then have those pictures because the pictures say a thousand words and memes get like 20% more engagement tweets with tweets with you know – hashtags get like 38 more percent more engagement on Twitter it’s different if you use more than 3 more than 2 actually your engagement decreases ok Instagram the sort of sweet spot is like 9 to 11 of what I’ve heard but on twit Twitter you know sweet spot is – to be able to get more engagement but she can be able do that and another thing – as far as promoting cause anything else is tweet chats is you can be able to have a question-and-answer or discussion that’s based around a hashtag and get people to come in and have conversations and be able to raise awareness I mean these are some of the ways again and all of those quotes you know for good and for bad they don’t go away so the more good though so the more good messages we put out there it’s going to be found and Twitter Twitter and Google have a have an agreement that tweets if we can get found in Google searches so if if you’re establishing yourself as a subject matter expert in certain things you’re going to found in more and Twitter searches but then you’re also going to start showing up on other internet searches as well your tweets yeah and so we just yeah we need more exposure we need people to be able to see it we get more voices in the choir we could we can change the world thank you so much again you have such a deep in-depth knowledge of this platform this is phenomenal and you are again very open in sharing it so thank you for that I think me personally and everybody else who are actually watching this definitely got a tremendous amount of value out of that and that was that was absolutely fantastic I’m just wondering obviously when somebody is starting off and they’re trying to share other people’s content how important is it how important is it that you are actually engaging with other top influencers and you’re sharing their content well I think about a lot of things on one level it shows your audience who your influencers are hmm so it tells us you know when I started out you know Bob Berg Tony Robbins all the motivational you know and so I would go search for the for their names in quotes and and also some of the other people that I know they’re not shared them all the time because it just sure you know it just creates a little again another level of trust for your audience saying ok so this is who this person is it been influenced by oh I like Tony Robbins I like Abraham I like Hay House I like these things so I’m gonna you know I’m gonna like have a reason to like you and so that’s one way like we said motivational messages are the most prompt most prominently retweeted topic on all of Twitter right probably you know a lot of people need those motivational paths and so again your audience sees that but again too if you the other aspect of it is is okay my primary account I get probably to 300 retweets a day so there’s no way for me to be able to keep up on all of them right but there are a couple people who are retweeting me a lot every day right and so when I scroll through my HootSuite columns I’m seeing them and I’m recognizing them and I’m grateful so if nothing else every day I’m saying thank you or appreciate that or I’ll go find something else that they’ve you know retweeted one of their other retweets or one of their original messages it’s genell’s and i think you know that’s a great way to be able to get the attention of an influencer is you know we talked about you know the the list building project that we’ve got going yeah is it’s it’s it’s others promotion so somebody else is out there looking to be able to promote me to other things inside okay now you’ve got my attention so now I’m more apt to be able to have a conversation with you yeah but a lot of a lot of times people will come up with too big of an ask and it’s like you know if you get that hey thanks for follow you know go listen to my record and tell me what it about it and give me these radians and everything else and I just write back to him I says you know it sounds like about an hour’s worth of work so that’d be about $200 so click click here to be able to make a donation yeah because it’s like okay so I can see it’s all advantage to you there’s no advantage to New York uh my audience for you asking that yeah but you want it so by retweeting an influence or somebody else you may or may not want to be able to work with or whatever the motivation is you got to get on their radar and what a better what a better way is to be able to retweet them or compliment their stuff and stuff like that is like okay you know I always use a lot of baby analogies all of this is like dating you know yeah you know trying to close a deal on on the first date but you know make a lot of people make them to say can I could be fun for a little while but the probability of long-term relationships are small you get better odds with relationships that develop over time and we know and trust and we have some exchanges and go through that and then there’s a natural clothes and like you said your relationships with Corey you know you start out having a conversation you had more and more and more now you’re looking to be able you know for other collaborations to be able to do but it’s it starts out with something small and then if there’s some good seeds it can always grow into something better that’s why you what you want to be able to retweet something because it’s you know if you want to be able to borrow their influence or get their audience or do something but I always think about first and a big lesson that I’ve learned from people is don’t come to them and say can you do this for me is that how you know what can I do for you and probably a bit better yet is if I researched you and saw your shows or saw that your Twitter account or something so if I found a need then I could be able to fill for you that’s a better way to be able to come at it and but you can’t come to that first and say I want to be able to help you build your Twitter follower and you don’t know me from anything yeah yeah so we we got we got to go on a few dates first and you know what you shared again I think is really powerful what I heard was that Twitter is not just a platform where you can share stuff and you can build an audience and gain their trust and also you know you might be able to to actually then get them to redact like towards your website or whatever else but it’s also a great networking tool I think so you know and I always tell people just a few points or one bit it is networking hmm go through there then I think one of the big things is when people ask about ROI on Twitter or something and it’s like okay well if you’re selling sex toys or vapes or something else there’s no emotional connection so you may be able to put it out there and you probably will get sales but if you’re if you’re coaching and you’re speaking authors or something else there’s a personal connection that’s a personal service yeah yeah so you’ve got to be able to invest more time and things so that’s one aspect twitter was designed as a and I heard Jack Dorsey talk about this once their vision was it to be a global town square okay bye so you know a Saturday morning market picture and any town anywhere and people got their you know their trucks open the back seats to the car whatever else and they’re selling tomatoes they’re selling sweaters they’re selling candles somebody’s on the guitar somebody’s doing a political rant somebody’s got books somebody’s not old clothes whatever else so there’s something for anybody and there’s no filters so you know so even you know inappropriate language or what somebody BCE is pornographic or something else but there’s something for ever everybody and you can just go find all those little corners whatever you want and you know so it’s that’s great there needs to be no limit and it’s you know somebody asked me a long time ago is you know you know why are why are you letting escorts follow you and I’m going to go well they’re probably business people and and they probably still have some of the emotion same emotional blockages or something else that I could probably relate to so I’m not seeing that what they’re doing they’re doing what they what they could do or what they need to be able to do that doesn’t necessarily negate that I could work with them I’m open to it some other people in it may not be but the day the the networking side of social media is really powerful and you know you just obviously you know talked about Twitter and some of me that seems like a really powerful networking tool as well I’m just wondering like people might have a question around monetization like their hair your hair stories about you know youtubers and Instagram people you know making money off those platforms is it possible to monetize Twitter I think it is again depending on what you’re doing mm-hmm for the people people that I’m working with you know social media should be an extension of people driving you to driving to your website but I I explain people the ROI for social media like that is website traffic people subscribe subscribing to your newsletter people coming to your webinars and going through their yeah I don’t I kind of believe again it’s a personal service personal touch kind of thing you got to do it you got to build a relationship but it all depends on what it is if you’re just selling CDs like we said see these or toys or anything else like that there’s no emotional connection so you could probably do it and be able to craft it in ways look but again depending on what your purpose is I always look at it is I think what can we drive to traffic and I’ve seen this I’ve done affiliate marketing for four different projects and I’ve created twenty and thirty thousand clicks in a month two places and got no conversion by and what that told me was my clicks generated traffic there what they saw what they saw when they got through that site was not what they were expecting or came across in a different in a different voice yeah yeah so so the methods and the things that I’m talking about I know oke generate clicks and that’s why I think part of the conversion it part of that ROI comes in the next part is copywriting and making sure your websites clean and making you know what have you got to offer and if there’s consistency so if I come if I come to your website and I like what I’m seeing and I say okay well I want to learn more from this guy so sign up for your newsletter and newsletter only comes out once every four months what what’s the point yeah but so you you know like anything I like relationships you want a good relationship to work you got to be committed you got to show up every day you know if you don’t you know you don’t show up for your girlfriend for six months she’s probably gonna go she’s probably gonna go find someplace else yeah yeah yeah absolutely that makes sense that makes absolute sense oh yeah perfect thank you for sharing that Gary is there a time or is there is there a time off personality for who the Twitter might not be a suitable platform well again the global town square or so there’s something for everybody but you know people who are again who are just self-centered I think you know if it’s nothing about if it’s only about you and I’ve seen people who have surprisingly high cloud scores but when I go look at their sites it’s just newsfeeds and there’s no engagement and there’s no real not even retweets nobody’s even retweeting and commenting and stuff like that so you know that’s just showing me that people who are just pushing information out there to maybe push algorithm numbers up say hey I got a presence that stuff is wrong on my account but if nobody’s engaging with it nobody’s talking about it nobody’s retweeting it I kind of wonder if it makes any sense at all and so so if you’re not really interested in other people are really interested in making other somebody else’s life better then you can be a troll and try to take a bite out of somebody else it’s a success yeah or try to beat somebody in into something else but you know again it’s like anything else how much energy you put into those people you know I tend to ignore them I tend to block them and go away and probably wouldn’t enough people do that then they were oh this doesn’t work for me they’ll go someplace else it’s same rules in life you know if you got a relative or you go to a networking event or somebody else and it’s all about them nobody sitting at tomorrow with them nobody’s talking to them and they’re coming they’re come back to the next meeting even more hungry and more desperate than people will spell smell desperation yeah yeah of course of course and again that makes perfect sense I’m I’m wondering in terms of you know we’ve talked about a few things we talked about making sure that you come from a place of value and you give first we’ve talked about the fact you know how consistent you need to be with your content what kind of content you need to be creating how you need to approach your audience and try and engage with them and you know appreciate what they’re doing there etc and your followers are there any other strategies that we need to know about in terms of how to leverage Twitter almost we talk you know presence presence engagements you know and I know that my calendar is fills up more the more time that I invest in talking to people on Twitter engaging and so that that’s one of the biggest things because we just look at and this was a great thing in one of my sales coaches I always had the thing about its stage selling buy so we just look at it in process so here’s these motivational quotes here are these things here’s these Twitter tips everything else so that’s just building the trust and rapport and so we go through there and then if you start asking me questions and going through that so so we just move from stage to stage to stage and then you know okay so we were tweeting we’re going through this you like my stuff you list me going through it boom boom boom boom boom now we’re gonna okay let’s have a conversation let’s meet face-to-face so you know we can be halfway around the world from each other yeah and we have the technology so there’s no reason why we can’t go through there I really found people around the world you know we have the same issues we have the same things going through the same struggles you know there may you know may look a little different we’re going through there but I really believe that the whole world is melding anyway so you know Norwegian heritage so unless you’re in Norway alright there are too many people who are going to look like in another hundred years so I just know you know that’s a trend that’s something that’s going on in the world and we just need to be able to to look at the differences yeah and and be able to appreciate it and I think that’s the one thing is you know if you have a presence you’re going out there you’re authentic you’re loving you’re caring and you want to be able to make the world a better place and I think you know like I said we need to be able to understand one each other there’s just so much stuff that just comes out of people are coming out of fear or they were told well these they do this they do that my grandma was that you know it’s loving that she was about it everybody that I all the girls I dated in high school the first question she asked me are they a Lutheran and you know it wasn’t the first question I was asking him it probably wasn’t even a hundreth question of sneaker girl in high school man and you know and I know that every culture is like that every tribe the purpose of a tribe is to keep the tribe together yeah and in the old world was probably the best rules for survival but now the world is much more fluid and more interactions you know Jets and everything else but now social media you know we can see a lot of different cultures we can see a lot of other things and once we can get through accents or whatever else may trip people up and say oh well they do this so they’re all trying to do that no they’re not they’re all looking to be able to be loved yeah yeah absolutely and Gary that’s such a powerful message thank you for saying that I think that’s a that’s a great message that you’re sharing there and also fact I know you’re trying to you know follow that up you have a vision about how you can use social media to connect people around the world and how they can they can actually learn about each other so I think again you have a very very powerful vision and a really a strong message there and thank you for sharing that you came on and you god is so much value to be honest with you I mean I don’t think we have time we have enough time to sit down and dig deep with all this stuff you know there’s just so much to cover and you have such a deep knowledge such a you know comprehensive knowledge of this platform and how to boost engagement and engage with the audience and you know attract the audience and do all those things is fantastic I first of all would love to do a round 2 if you’re not back but yeah whatever you want to just reach out oh thank you I appreciate that that would be perfect and secondly I really want to know how can we help you right now and how can people connect with you well you can connect with me on Twitter at Gary Loper that’s my primary account awesome web the website is Gary Loper comm GA ryl oper comm find me on facebook both personal and business page LinkedIn the only one that’s looking like this there a couple other gary loafers but not too many none of them look like this we all have some variation of a picture that’s pretty close to that yeah so that’s somewhere I think there’s there’s other collaboration projects you know we’re looking to be able to build a a community of people who are collaborating to be able to co promote each other’s free offer right so if you have a free offer that’s up and ready to be able to go and you you’re in alignment with my energy and the conversation and my the things that we’ve discussed here yeah and you think things here’s a good match just send an email to me and Gary Gary Loper comm we’ll set up a meeting and we’ll be able to see if if it’s a good fit that you can be able to promote 20 other people’s free offers which in turn is going to be able to build your list so you won’t even have to promote yours anymore yeah that’s powerful Dave’s really powerful and guys if you’re watching this Gary came on he added value to us there is just so much to talk so much to discuss Gabby has so much value to offer he was so open so genuine so transparent he didn’t really hold anything back and I loved it I absolutely loved it that’s that’s why I bring on these amazing guests so we can learn from them and obviously Gary is one of those people who was just completely open he’s got some you know really high-level knowledge off this platform but he’s not just keeping it to himself he’s open he’s sharing it with everybody else and I love that he’s got a great vision he’s got a really strong message and I were like I said we’d love to have him back on but for you guys I know there are going to be some really important takeaways for me as well things like how we can actually use hashtags properly right and what are the kind of content we need to be creating how often we need to engage etc etc there’s just so much value here and I I just want to say you know what you need to take action on this one guys you need to go ahead and reach out to Gary whether that’s on Twitter whether to his website or email whatever it has Facebook page but reach out to him I think he’s got so much knowledge so much value to offer it’s tremendous and especially if you’re starting off you don’t know what to do you’re stuck you’re not sure where to go well here’s your solution okay gary has given you the keys to the kingdom he’s told you how you can connect with him and also the fact you that you might you might not be a beginner but you do have a following you do have a business behind it or something that you are cause the cetera that you’re trying to promote well then Gary’s got some amazing strategies that you can go ahead and implement so make sure you guys go ahead and take action I always encourage you guys to take action so go ahead and connect with Gary Gary I’m conscious of your time but seriously you are just phenomenal and I’d love to have you back on it was an absolute blast I mean we discussed so much and there’s so many things so much value dropped on us it was it was really really great Wow my pleasure that and that’s part of my intention is to overwhelm this is the end and you just tell people to just go back and rewind this thing and listen and stop and just pick out a little nugget or something else and just and just go apply it you know there’s so much like I said this was you know 35 years of customer service experience it’s marketing a lot of other things sales stuff you know eight full years on Twitter every single day so it’s you know this is just a lifetime of knowledge and it’s I’ve just been able to blend it all together on a platform that and make it and make it work and know that this is a way that can work for a lot of people awesome awesome well thank you Gary Muntz again for your time guys if you’re watching this again I’m very thankful that you spend this time with me I really appreciate it I will catch you in the next one in the meantime stay awesome hustle hard and make sure you take action all the best take care

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