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WordPress website problem !!?

I have created a website using wordpress but i'm facing a strange problem !

There's an empty space on the left of the website , after the end of the template !

Check this image , at the bottom , there's a scroller which is when moving to the left , there will be just background



and at the end , i find a part of the menu !



Posted by Tohoru san
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It would be better to have link to the actual site so can look at the CSS

I suspect you somehow have float;right set for body or throughout the css. Looks like your navigation is all the way to left though. Are you using a theme or customized css?

Look throughout your css for align right or float right entries and change one, save, and check. Repeat the process till you see your site align correctly.

Sometimes CSS is all about making little tweaks and changes bit by bit till you get the correction you are looking for.


Set WordPress Homepage?

I am currently setting up a simple WordPress website. I am attempting to set a specific page as the Static Home page. I have read wordpress documentation on setting the homepage, and upon load, it directs to the correct page, but does not replace the previous home page.

Please see here:


The home page is located underneath the contact us menu. Ideally I would like it under the Home tab.

Any ideas?


Posted by axef
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Your link brings up a blank page and I don't quite understand your question.

Are you saying that you have set your home page, but it appears in the wrong place on the menu? Or are you saying that you are having trouble setting the home page?

If you are having trouble setting the home page, this is what you do:

Suppose your home page is a page that is actually called "mypage". Go to Settings/reading and under "front page displays" choose "static page" and then from the "front page" drop-down box, select "my page".

If you are saying that you have set the page but it appears in the wrong place on the menu, then set up a custom menu – appearance/menus. Then you can choose which pages appear where on your menubar. set up.?

Is it possible to get someone to set up a website for me? It looks very complicated and I haven't got the time to find a host, domain name etc etc.

Posted by
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I have set up several WordPress accounts. I can help you set one up for a fee. I have also set up Joomla and MovableType.

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WordPress For Dummies: How To Use WordPress

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